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Health Supporter Series

Health Supporter Range of products is engineered specifically to enhance sleep quality and enhance lifestyles in the prevention and pain relief of those with neck and back orthopedic conditions, along with assisting in the alleviation of those suffering from medical sleep conditions.

  1. Supreme Sleep Energiser
    PKR17,600 - PKR 36,900
  2. Ortica Gelcool
    PKR21,800 - PKR 46,800
  3. Supreme Firm Knitted
    PKR16,200 - PKR 33,600
  4. Ortica Gelcool Memory
    PKR25,000 - PKR 52,200
  5. Supreme Firm
    PKR15,000 - PKR 32,900
  6. Activato
    PKR87,400 - PKR 130,900
  7. Spine Tonic
    PKR51,000 - PKR 76,500
  8. Supreme Ortica
    PKR20,700 - PKR 43,900

Enjoy deeper sleep and more daily energy.

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As the name suggests, the health support series is specifically designed to prevent pain of neck, orthopedic and other physical pains so that your sleep and lifestyle, both are enhanced. Furthermore, the mattresses in this collection are great for people who suffer from other medical sleep conditions. Coming with some of the best mattress prices in Pakistan, the Health Support series is your perfect companion of a healthy lifestyle forever. Look for your next perfect health partner in our product listings above.

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