Health supporter

Health Supporter Range of products is engineered specifically to enhance sleep quality and enhance lifestyles in the prevention and pain relief of those with neck and back orthopedic conditions, along with assisting in the alleviation of those suffering from medical sleep conditions.

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  1. Supreme Firm
    As low as PKR 10,800.00
  2. Supreme Firm Knitted
    As low as PKR 11,300.00
  3. Supreme Sleep Energiser
    As low as PKR 12,500.00
  4. Supreme Ortica
    As low as PKR 15,400.00
  5. Ortica Gelcool
    As low as PKR 16,200.00
  6. Ortica Gelcool Memory
    As low as PKR 23,300.00
  7. Spine Tonic
    As low as PKR 44,200.00
  8. Activato
    As low as PKR 83,200.00
Grid List

8 Items

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