One way to know how we spend our lives, doing what we do is by looking at the bigger picture and comparing the years. While this may be slightly different for everyone but it gives you a general idea of how time is spent.

The average person lives 79 years on this planet. And when you do the math, then there is almost 29,000 minutes at our disposal. The majority of those years and minutes are spent on sleeping. The actual number of years spent sleeping is a whopping 26 years. Interestingly, seven years are used up in trying to sleep.

Sleeping for more than 25 years of our lives makes sense since sleeping for adequate hours each night results in improved productivity and lesser chances of falling sick. If you wish to cut back on the years trying to fall asleep, then you should try taking a warm shower before sleeping or reading a book.

Your Life in Numbers

On an average we spend roughly over 13 years working at our jobs. This includes a year of working overtime. That is a lot of years working for someone else’s dream. Apart from this, how many of us are addicted to technology? (Raises hand shamelessly). In our 79 years of life, technology and screens will take up to 11 years. Out of this, we spend eight years watching TV and three years scrolling over social media.

Now everyone’s favorite past time, aka eating. We enjoy food so much that we spend four years and six months out of all the years we have to simply eat. However, 64% of those four odd years are consumed in dieting. When talking about exercise, on the other hand, we spend a mere 1.4 years working out. This means we’d rather spend double the time on social media but not on staying in shape.

This was an average man’s life in numbers. What part of our lives surprised you the most?

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