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  • How much sleep does the average person need?

    The average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night, but it varies for every person. Some people may need as much as 10 hours a night and others need much less.

  • What's the best mattress?

    It varies from person to person. What’s best for one may not be best for the other. Every person has different preferences and body requirements. Some people prefer foam mattresses while others prefer spring mattresses.

    To determine the mattress that’s best for you, we recommend you visit any of our outlets and check the mattress by lying on it. While testing a mattress you should pay attention to three important features of the mattress: comfort, support and space.

  • What should people look for in a new mattress?

    Three key elements to keep in mind are comfort, support and space. The mattress that’s right for you will keep your spine in proper alignment and it will be comfortable to your body. Make sure that the size of the mattress you are opting for provides you enough space for easy, free movement.

  • What size mattress is suitable for a couple?

    Couples ideally need a King or a Queen size mattress for free, easy movement. However, we recommend that you visit your nearest Diamond Foam dealer with your partner to select a mattress size that is ideal for you.

  • How often should mattresses be replaced?

    There is no set rule when it comes to replacing your old mattress. Life of each mattress can vary depending upon the type of mattress, usage conditions, care instructions followed etc.

    We recommend you look for the following factors while deciding on whether your mattress requires replacement or not:

    • Are you sleeping better or worse than you did a year ago?
    • Are you waking up feeling stiff and sore?
    • Does your mattress have visible signs of wear and tear?
    • Has your mattress passed its warranty period?
  • How can I purchase your products?

    We have a vast network of dealers across Pakistan. You can visit any of our dealers located nearby you or you can also purchase online by visiting our website:

  • Are all your products available online?

    We carry a specific range of products on our website. However, if you want information related to any of our products, visit your nearest Diamond Supreme Foam dealer or call us at 042 111 111 666 to talk to our representative.

  • What if I have questions about your products?

    We’re happy to answer your questions. Call us at 042 111 111 666 to talk to one of our representatives.

  • How do I care for my mattress?

    Your mattress comes with a set of care instructions. These care instructions are mentioned on your mattress label and warranty card. Follow these care instructions to increase the life of your mattress.

  • Do you offer warranty on your products?

    Yes, our products come with a warranty. But the time period and terms of the warranty can vary depending upon which range of product are you purchasing.

  • How to know about the warranty period and warranty terms of the product I have purchased?

    Each product comes with a warranty card containing the details about the warranty period, warranty terms and care instructions related to that product. At the time of purchase make sure your product is accompanied by a warranty card.

  • How can I claim warranty?

    In order to claim warranty, call us at 042 111 111 666 to talk to our representative. Please make sure you have your warranty card with you when claiming warranty.

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