Things haven’t been the best between Ahad and Ayesha lately. Ahad has been occupied with his job and the entrepreneurial project that is on the verge of being launched. It’s a given that he has a lot on his plate and naturally, he has been giving less time and attention to Ayesha. While Ayesha has always tried to be understanding but Ahad had forgotten their anniversary a month earlier and Ayesha was annoyed.

Ahad realized that he must do something special on Valentine’s to end Ayesha’s anger. He thought about what he could do that was substantial enough to please his loved one. He instantly remembered that how both of them would watch all the new releases in their neighborhood cinema. And that gave Ahad the spark that he needed.

So the day arrived and Ayesha told Ahad she is meeting with her friends and will be back in a couple of hours. That was enough for Ahad to get everything ready. He placed the newly purchased sofa cum bed in their room. He made her favorite caramel popcorn and nachos and decorated the room with fairy lights.

He sat on the sofa, waiting patiently for Ayesha as she was to come any minute now. But half an hour passed and she still hadn’t come home. Ahad called her but she didn’t pick up. He felt disheartened but kept on waiting. He waited a couple more hours before he dozed off on the sofa. A few minutes later Ayesha entered the house with a bouquet in her hands and some chocolates for Ahad.

When she came in to their room, she saw the room all decorated, her favorite snacks on the table and Ahad sleeping on the new sofa cum bed. She was pleasantly surprised and then woke Ahad up and wished him a happy Valentine’s. Ahad was elated that she loved the surprise. He finally had gotten rid of Ayesha’s anger. They played on a series of their favorite rom-coms and watched the night away. 

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