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Mattress components and sleep systems glossary

We want to be the leader in the bedding industry across the region while bringing comfort and wellbeing in to the lives of our consumers and stakeholders. Our passion is to let you enjoy a higher quality of life by crafting the best mattresses with the finest materials nature has to offer. It goes without saying that the quality of a bed will ultimately come down to the materials used to make it.


Most of the infections can be prevented if the standard control precautions are rigorously applied. Sterilization is of critical importance per the standards essential to maintain quality health care. Diamond Health Shield is our Protection Seal that acts as an additional safety barrier to help prevent the growth and spread of microorganisms. This hygiene function helps lessen the spread of any infectious diseases as we sanitize and disinfect the product and packaging to protect our products durably and effectively against bacteria, odor, and fungi.


During the manufacturing process, our products are thoroughly cleaned. Disinfectant is sprayed between foam cushioning layers, backing material, and decorative cover. To prevent any allergen accumulation, dry steam disinfectant is used to protect the fabric quality so we package the complete goodness before it is delivered to you. We make sure that your mattress investment stays fresh so we disinfect and sanitize the product twice from when the manufacturing process starts to when it is dispatched from the factory..


Once the mattress is covered in the fabric, it is disinfected right then so it inhibits any growth of micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoans so there’s no bacteria buildup in the first place. The mattress is then thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before the packaging takes place, to help lessen the spread of any infectious diseases.