Feeling stressed these days? Anxious may be? No need to head to the spa. A good night’s sleep provides all the rejuvenation that your body needs. Sleep is necessary for memory consolidation, muscle repair and releasing hormones that are responsible for growth and hunger control.

Sleep and Brain

It is when we our asleep at night, that our regeneration of cells needed for brain repair are increased. Once we are sleeping, our body goes in to total recovery mode as unwanted metabolites are flushed out and our DNA heals. Sleep also promotes memory consolidation and problem solving skills that makes us sharper in the decisions we take.

Sleep and Heart

Stress and anxiety are the enemies for a healthy heart. Sleep keeps the heart safe as it relaxes the body and mind and aids the heart to perform at optimal levels. The importance of sleep for a healthy heart can be understood by the fact that lack of sleep is linked to heart issues, like a cardiac arrest.     

Sleep and Skin

They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason – sleep gives our skin a glow from within and prevents it from getting dull and dehydrated. Sleep promotes production of collagen which makes the skin tighter and wrinkle-free. No need for expensive facials now; a good eight hours of sleep is all you need.     

Sleep and Weight

You may have noticed that once you’re pulling of all-nighters, you instantly crave for more junk food. That is because a lack of sleep distorts the balance between the hormones, ghrelin and leptin. Optimum sleep encourages the release of leptin which keeps your appetite under control and keeps ghrelin at bay as it leads to hunger. 

It is amazing how just by sleeping we are able to cure so many problems that we may have. So make eight hours of sleep your priority and be amazed at the wonders it can do.

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