In today’s times, we are so busy in our work and personal commitments that we push a good night’s sleep to the last of our priorities. We believe that taking out eight hours or more for sleep are hours wasted and could be used productively in some other way. However, sleeping at optimum levels will boost our productivity to new heights and make us sharper in all the decisions we take. Here is why you shouldn’t skip eight hours of sleep:

Lower attention span

A lack of sleep decreases your attention span and makes you more prone towards distractions. Your focus towards to details and specifics gets negatively affected and you may find yourself taking more time to complete the same tasks you did more.     

Weight gain

If you miss out on sleep, then production of ghrelin increases in your body. The latter is a hormone that increases your hunger pangs. This is why you crave for unhealthy meals if you are sleep deprived.   

Poor decision making

Poor decision making

Sleeping promotes memory consolidation and improves problem solving skills. If you sleep poorly then the quality of your decisions drastically decreases as you are too tired of going in to the depths of things.

Dehydrated and Dull skin    

Dehydrated and Dull skin

Sleeping encourages the production of collagen that makes your skin smooth and free of wrinkles. Sleeping for lesser hours will strip the natural glow from your face and make it look rather dull and dehydrated. To make things worse, sleeping poorly increases your chances of breaking out. 


Skipping on good ole sleep will put you in a sleep debt and the negative consequences will keep on piling up. The truth is that people don’t feel their best when they sleep poorly. Hence, your chance of getting depression increases. This is why psychiatrists prescribe sleeping pills to people with depression as they are usually sleep deprived. 

With all that is said and written, we are sure that now you will not skip on your precious sleep. 

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