Every person has experienced nightmares in some point of their lives. Nightmares in simple words are scary dreams. While science explains dreams (and nightmares) as mental experiences witnessed during sleep, others suggest that they may have a symbolic meaning attached to them and can even predict the future.

According to a research, 48% of Pakistanis have admitted to seeing nightmares sometimes. So why do nightmares occur? And what does science has to say about them? Keep on reading to know more.

People have proposed different theories as to why we witness nightmares. Some say that eating spicy food causes nightmares while others say it is the outcome of a traumatic event one has gone through. No matter what the reason, there are some common emotions involved in nightmares, like fear, loneliness and embarrassment.

The Science behind Nightmares

Majority of the nightmares revolve around being in the middle of a natural disaster, being in danger or being trapped somewhere. Researchers say that nightmares occur because of traumatic experiences witnessed. They further say that those who see nightmares repeatedly may suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts.

If you suffer from repeated nightmares then keeping a dream journal may provide some relief. Take an old notebook and write all the dreams you see each night, be it good or bad. It’s okay if you don’t remember all of the dreams, a few parts will do. After each week or month, read your dreams to find any common patterns. You can talk about these repeated events to a therapist or a sleep specialist who may guide you further.

If you are experiencing nightmares since a long time, you should not feel ashamed in getting professional help since nightmares can lead you towards a disoriented state and may cause long episodes of fatigue. Here’s to happy dreaming. 

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