Today’s world is all about competition and being better than the others. They say that if you don’t work hard enough, you’ll fall behind in the race of life. Be it studies, work or even monetary possessions, you are always told to be superior to the lot. But if you really want to be successful and happy in life, you need to let go of this thinking.

If your only goal in life is to better than the topper of your class or the employee of the month at work, then you won’t go much farther in life. You will always be focused on what the other person is doing and will somehow imitate their work. Hence, you will not be producing any original work.

 The only person you should be competing with is the person you were yesterday. If you have to compete, then compete with procrastination, your insecurities and the voice telling you that you aren’t good enough. If you have to fight, then fight with what people think is acceptable. By focusing on yourself and not giving any heed to what the other is doing, you will be able to produce original work.

Your work would be so novel and unique that it would do all the talking for you. And you wouldn’t have to compete for all the laurels that you wanted to achieve; they will fall in your lap. When you will focus on bringing out your best work as opposed to focusing on what the other is doing, there will come a time when people will start to compete with you.

If you want to be successful in what you are doing then you should remember that don’t compete with others but rather let them compete with you. 

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