Diamond Supreme Foam, which is synonyms to comfort is a leading mattress brand in the market and a household name as the number 1 quality foam. With the changing needs of individuals, Diamond Supreme Foam has always developed strategies to cater to different target audiences for a healthy and comfortable sleep experience.

Healthy sleep can only be made possible if you have the necessary ingredients at hand. Essentially it all boils down to how effective your mattress is. A good mattress can be categorized as a sleep system that provides nothing short of the best qualities of the finest materials that are tailored in accordance with your needs. Whether it is a gel infused mattress, memory foam, spring, or a mattress that offers individualized comfort, they can all be found at Diamond Supreme Foam.

Today we’re highlighting the top 3 most loved mattresses.

Diamond Supreme Foam Mattress

Supreme Foam

For generations, the most sought after foam mattress is Supreme Foam. Reengineered with new high recovery foam technology, this mattress offers unmatched support and supreme comfort. The structural integrity of the mattress makes it more resilient, thus offering more contouring and pressure relief to the body. Making a mattress investment can be a very tricky call which is why it is essential to ensure your mattress lasts the course. Most term this as an excellent quality mattress that serves more than the recommended time period. The durability, flexibility to fit any sleeper and balance make it not just Diamond Supreme Foam’s but Pakistan’s most loved mattress!

Supreme Godi Memory Foam

Supreme Godi Memory

We often neglect a very critical part of our child’s development – their mattress. In the sleep diagram, a growing child requires a huge amount of sleep to function efficiently. If night rest is hindered much of their development suffers. This is why at Diamond Supreme Foam we are offering an effective solution to accommodate their needs. Its intelligent Zero Pressure Supreme Godi Memory Foam is inspired by the love of a mother’s hug. It is engineered to reduce discomfort caused during growth and minimize the disturbance caused due to tossing and turning. To make sleep time even more fun we have gently crafted these mattresses in two delightful colors - pink and blue.

Plush Soft

Plush Soft

Are any clouds vacant for sleeping? Here at Diamond Supreme Foam, we have formulated a mattress that allows you to experience luxurious softness just like you are on a fluffy cloud. Our Plush Soft mattress from the Dolce Vita – the King of Mattresses range is an ultra soft solution for back, petite and side sleepers. The wonderful union of exquisite softness with long pocket cell make it an ultimate pick for individuals who are looking for cushioning comfort and no pressure buildup in the shoulders or hips.