Going to work every day can mean different things to different people. Some may feel that going to work is just like going to war. While others may find pleasure in their everyday activities. Whether you work from home or office, your 9 to 5 (sometimes even more than that) job can significantly affect your health. Prolonged sitting can have adverse effects on your posture and cause discomfort to the feet, back, neck and joints.

This is why we have compiled a list of work essentials that will help combat pain and provide the comfort your body craves during your crazy shifts.

Supreme Pillow Pad

The luxury of working anywhere, anytime!

If you are struggling to enjoy your book or device in a pain-free manner then it’s time to check out our Supreme Pillow Pad. Known for its lightness and portability, this innovative tri-ledge design easily props up your print or digital devices to ensure that they are kept safe and secure. Reply to emails, attend meetings, read your books or simply multitask with this ideal accessory.

Word of advice: Don’t indulge in too much movie time at work. 

Dr.Good Back Memory

For the working backs

Just as you’re reading this are you slouching, maybe even a tiny bit? Face, shoulders and back are all out of their recommended alignment just so your eyes can meet the screen. With time our bodies become comfortable with the slouching pose. Without appropriate lumbar support, your posture suffers lethal damage, that too if you’ve been sitting for an extended period. This is why you need to save your back with a comfortable and supportive back cushion. Made with pressure absorbing memory foam, Dr.Good Back Memory encourages a better posture by offering ultimate support to the lumbar region and a tranquil effect as you work. It is a gentle alternative to firmer back supporters. It entails an adjustable strap so it can easily fit your seat when you’re seated.  

Neck IQ Gel

Necks that need rest

With the fast-paced world of the 21st century, we have all become accustomed to our laptop screens or mobile devices. We keep bending into the screen to get a better angle of our devices which causes distress to the neck and shoulders. If you are on the lookout for the perfect solution for your neck then it's time to indulge in the unique properties of Neck IQ Gel. This wonderful neck accessory comes with the extraordinary construction of a cool and warm side. So, you can shift according to different weathers and enjoy rejuvenating comfort to the neck and shoulders.

Supreme Foot Rest

Feet that want to feel elated

Being chained to your workstation for an extended period not only causes discomfort to the neck and back but also the most ignored part of your body – your feet. Enjoy the complete ergonomic setup with Supreme Foot Rest which allows you to prop your feet up. So, you can sit in an ideal position at your workstation without straining your legs, back or neck. The soft Foot Rest helps you elevate your feet properly above the floor and evenly distributes your weight by reducing pressure on your legs. This teardrop shaped accessory can be switched in different positions for you to enjoy. So just kick up your feet and enjoy the rest of your day!

Ring Cushion Pro

Making your seat remarkably comfortable

Got an uncomfortable chair at work? Well, let's fix the problem with our Ring Cushion Pro. This cushion takes the form of a donut by featuring a centered hole to relieve pressure when you’re seated and invites exceptional comfort. You can make sitting for long hours more comfortable with its unique design that is especially helpful for those who have tailbone and coccyx pain.

In conclusion

Maybe you’re feeling agitated at work and it’s not because of your short-tempered coworker but the strain caused due to prolonged sitting. To ensure your uneasiness doesn’t manifest into something else take one or all of our comfort solutions and make not just your work but your everyday life much more comfortable.