Humans spend 1/3rd of their lives in bed, which is why having a comfortable mattress that fits all your needs is so crucial. Your mattress sees all parts of you. When you’re feeling low, it gives you a big hug, puts you to rest after a long exhausting day, and if it’s a durable mattress, it is sure to see you grow with time. With an array of mattress options available, the process of making a mattress investment can be both intimate as well as intimidating. Where do you start? When do you buy it? How do you choose?

Well, fret no more; we’ve compiled a list of things to consider before making your mattress purchase like the different types of mattresses available, sizes to consider, how your sleeping position can affect your mattress choice, and finally, when you’re making your purchase what’s the best practice. Let’s dive in!

Indicators you need a new mattress

1. The age of your mattress

People typically get a new bed after 7 or 12 years. You should only be using your mattress around its suggested useful life that is stated by the company. So, if your mattress has fulfilled its lifespan, maybe it’s time to go shopping.

2. Prominent sagging or body impressions

It’s recommended to rotate your mattress 2-4 times per year. Not doing so can accelerate the crating of the mattress or exhaust one side of the mattress by the pressure over the years. If your mattress is sagging or has a body impression when no weight is on it at about half an inch, then you should consider making a purchase as your mattress is now compromised.

3. Experiencing aches and pains

If you’re experiencing pain in your lower back, upper back, hip, or sciatica, then it might be time to buy a new mattress altogether. Your bed can potentially accelerate the pain and cause irreplaceable damage to the body.

Different sizes of mattresses to consider

Other than considering the frame size of your bed, the size of your mattress depends on your body size.

1. Single Mattress (78x42) - This is the smallest size available. It is narrow and not too long, which is ideal for teenagers, children, and young adults.

2. Double Mattress (72x60) - In comparison to the single mattress, the double mattress is much longer in length and width and can be used by taller adults who tend to curl up because of the size.

3. Queen Mattress (78x66) - The most popular choice among mattress sizes is a queen-size mattress. It alone can offer ample space for couples who don’t mind a little bit of cuddling and offers ample rest to a full-grown adult.

4. King Mattress (78x72) - This is slightly roomier compared to the Queen size mattress as it’s slightly larger and can offer more space to move around the bed. An ideal choice for couples who want some space to rest.  

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Different types of mattresses

1. Inner Spring Mattresses

These are the most common types of mattresses; they’ve been around for a very long time. The spring coils are found within the mattress, which is exceptionally supportive and considered an excellent pick for back sleepers, stomach sleepers as well as hot sleepers. It offers a lot of firmer support, and the coils leave a lot of room for airflow as they do not trap heat as much as others.

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2. Memory Foam Mattresses

Ever wondered how some mattresses offer that slow, sinking feeling? That feeling is made possible with the Memory Foam mattress. It’s also scientifically known as viscoelastic foam. Once you lie on the mattress, you feel your pressure slowly melt away. It matches the changing needs of side sleepers looking to resolve joint pain as it provides more pressure relief. It’s also ideal for back sleepers who want to get some contouring. However, this is not recommended for stomach sleepers.

3. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are made of eco-friendly materials, which make them great for the environment. They offer superior responsiveness and support. What’s more, is they also offer abundant breathability, so you’re not sleeping hot during the night.

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4. High Density/PU Foam Mattresses

High density refers to the built quality of the foam material. The higher the compression rate, the greater the force needed to dent the foam, therefore, higher the structural integrity. For a much firmer and more supportive experience, a high recovery foam offers structural firm integrity that provides foundation and shape. It strongly reduces the transfer of movement while providing edge to edge support.

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 5. Hybrid Mattresses

The hybrid mattress is the perfect pick for individuals who want the support of coils and comfort from foam layers. The hybrid mattress has coils in its support layer and foam inside the comfort layers. It’s wonderful for hot sleepers who want a foam feel but still some sort of breathability. A hybrid mattress can also offer combination sleepers great comfort and support.

 6. Orthopedic Mattresses

A medicated mattress or an Orthopedic Mattress offers even weight distribution, significantly improves posture, and keeps your spinal alignment right whilst protecting your skin with its hypoallergenic properties. Almost all hospitals have medicated mattresses at home and are used by many senior citizens for superior comfort and relief.

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Your sleeping positions determine the level of firmness you’ll need 

 1. Back Sleepers

As a back sleeper, you’ll need a balance of comfort and support on the back and hips and to sink in the right amount with a little bit of contouring, perhaps. You’ll need something that’s very supportive, so you don’t fall into the mattress. The recommended firmness level will be 6-7 out of 10, which is medium firm.  

 2. Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper, you’ll need a much softer surface to sleep on. The firmness level will be below 6. Ensure you get a mattress that offers good pressure relief on the shoulders and hips so you can enjoy uninterrupted rest.

 3. Stomach Sleepers

For stomach sleepers, the firmness threshold is always on top. The scale is between 7-10 in terms of firmness. You’ll want a mattress that offers enough support to the entire body, specifically under the hips, and doesn’t bend in or deform to give you back strain.

Upon making your mattress purchase  

 1. Gather the necessary information

Before visiting any store, it’s recommended to do thorough research to avoid buying the wrong mattress. Just like reading this article!

 2. Try out the mattress

Once you’re equipped with the relevant information, now it’s time to take full advantage of the store near you. Visiting a mattress store offers great benefits. You can explore a variety of options by touching and feeling the mattress to get an experience of what it would be like to take it home.

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 3. Get all warranty info

Please ensure you get all the warranty information so you’re not in regret once you’ve made your purchase and can get the warranty claimed if there are any issues.

Our customer representatives are always available to assist you. You can always call us on our UAN: 042 111 111 666

 4. Keep a lookout for the best possible discounts and deals

Annually there are ample opportunities to cash in on discounts and deals. Just follow our social media platforms to stay informed about the latest news and offers!

 5. Ensure you get some help when it’s delivered to your home

A mattress can be heavy to carry and requires some assistance. So, you’ll need some help when the mattress reaches your home.

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Congratulations! Now you’re equipped with all the essential information required to find the right mattress.

We hope to see you at our stores very soon!