Congratulations, your new born is finally a toddler now. Dealing with toddlers is difficult as they are running everywhere, trying to grab anything that may be in their way. One thing of concern is how to put them to sleep since they’ve grown out of the stage where they were put to sleep and now express their likes and dislikes. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Move your toddler to a bed

Dreams and the Quality of Sleep

Moving your toddler to his/her own space now is recommended. You should transfer your toddler to a crib when s/he is 35 inches tall or is closer to the age of three. This will slowly instill in your toddler the ability to sleep independently.

Create a safe and inviting sleeping space

Dreams and the Quality of Sleep

The truth is that your toddler may not like moving away from you and sleeping in a different bed. For such a situation, create his sleeping space as fun and inviting as can be. If your toddler likes a particular cartoon character, then invest in some merchandise of that character. But be cautious of items that may be a source of hazard for your child.

Let your toddler make decisions

Dreams and the Quality of Sleep

It is not necessary that your toddler should sleep on his/her back anymore. S/he can sleep in any position they prefer; side, back or stomach. Work with your toddler to decide which position is the most comfortable for him and then ensure he sleeps in that position for repeated nights so as to make a habit.

Co-sleeping is a no-no

Once your child is a toddler, then bed sharing or co-sleeping should be a big no. By sharing your bed with your child you will be making him/her more habitual of having your protection. Letting your toddler sleep in a separate space is the right thing to do.

That wraps up our tips for sleeping properly for toddlers. Let them act grown up while you have more space for yourself.