Nothing beats the exhaustion of the day like going home to a delightful mattress. A mattress where you have the freedom to enjoy your shows, eat as you lay, finally enjoy some blissful rest, or simply toss and turn. One of the hallmarks of becoming an adult is buying your mattress and we surely spend a hefty sum of money on it. But we never think about it after its purchase, we slap some sheets on it and let it sit there for years and years.

That’s where we are wrong. A lot goes on in this mattress – you’re sleeping, sweating and shedding your dead skin cells which ultimately end up getting absorbed into the void of the mattress. It is simply a haven for dust mites and other bacteria. So, what do you do? Do you throw away your mattress because you procrastinated to clean it or throw it in the washing machine (which isn’t possible).

Here’s an easy step by step guide on how to clean your mattress:

1. Remove all sheets and blankets from the mattress 

Remove all sheets and blankets from the mattress

To start the process of cleaning it's important to strip away any sheets, blankets, mattress toppers, mattress protectors or any other layer covering the mattress. The sweat is easily accumulated in the sheets of the bed which if not changed can in due course seep into the mattress causing the spread of harmful bacteria and odour.

2. Air your mattress

Air your mattress

One of the best ways of deodorizing your mattress is simply airing it out with natural air. Crack open the window of your room every now and then to let your mattress breathe because every time you make your bed it doesn’t have time for the air to circulate and freshen up.Which makes a significant difference in deodorizing your mattress.

3. Sprinkling baking soda

Sprinkling baking soda

If you’re like most people it has probably been a while since you last cleaned your mattress and chances are you’re using the same mattress way ahead of its life. To ensure that your mattress is clean you can:

  • Use 1-3 cups of baking soda
  • Use a sifter and pour baking soda into it
  • Then tap the side of the sifter to evenly distribute baking soda all over the mattress
  • You should let it sit for half an hour or more so the baking soda can do its magic

Side tip: The longer you let the baking soda sit in, the better. 

4. Adding essential oils to the baking soda

Adding essential oils to the baking soda

Before sprinkling the baking soda what would help further elevate the smell of the mattress is the use of essential oils. Take your baking soda in a container and add 15-20 drops of essential oils. Lavender is especially helpful in releasing stress and creating a truly tranquil environment. Then follow the same sprinkling technique as mentioned above.

5. Vacuum with a brush attachment

Vacuum with a brush attachment

After the ritual of spreading the baking soda, you can now start vacuuming the mattress with a brush attachment. Please ensure your attachment is extremely clean as it's going on top of the thing you lay on. Vacuum thoroughly to ensure all baking soda is removed.

Disclaimer: Be mindful of the vacuum you’re using as baking soda may be harmful to the machine.

General mattress care tips:

  • Flip your mattress

Rotate or flip your mattress every other season to get a completely fresh surface to rest on.

  • Clean your sheets

Your sheets are the clothing of your mattress. You must clean them every 2 weeks at least to ensure no moisture or bacteria is absorbed into the mattress.

  • Vacuuming the mattress

You may not visibly see dirt on the surface of the mattress but vacuuming is a crucial step towards cleaning. You can utilize your crevice tool if you have a pillow top design or bumps that need cleaning and then just let it air out.

  • Dealing with stains

Once you get a stain you want to instantly blot it out with a super absorbent cloth. The more moisture you remove off your mattress the less will be captivated in and turned into mold. After assessing the stain, you can choose to clean it with an enzyme cleaner depending on the stain. You would want to apply as little product as possible and use a toothbrush for cleaning to scrub in. Finally, instead of water just use a damp cloth to clean it off.  

  • Get a professional when needed
Get a professional when needed

Leave intensive cleaning to the professionals like steam cleaning, deep cleaning or bed bug cleaning. 

We are all truthfully guilty of letting our mattresses down but cleaning every once in a while, can surely help mend your relationship with your mattress and improve your overall health. If you’re still procrastinating to clean your mattress let us remind you that the average person sweats about half a pile of liquid every single night which equates to an entire cup of water every night. So just imagine what’s going on inside your sleeping companion!