It’s Valentine’s Day and you don’t have a date; we know how that feels. The best thing to do to beat the blues is retail therapy. And we don’t mean buy yourself a ton of junk food and chick flicks to cry the night away but buy something for yourself which will actually be productive, like a sofa cum bed. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading below:

Be the Cool Cousin

Be the cool cousin

We all know the cousin who is the light of the party. You can be that cousin by throwing fun sleepovers, ludo parties and what not. And there will never be a hassle of limited space because voila, the sofa can turn in to a bed in seconds. You can fit the entire cousin clan and still have space left for some extra snacks.

Make it your Creative Den

If you are a bachelor, chances are that you are just starting out. You are new to the big, scary professional world. For all the creative juices to come out, you need to find one zone that is designated to just only that. It can’t be your bed because you will feel sleepy and it can’t be a chair because hello, backache issues. A sofa cum bed is a perfect cross between being comfortable and still being productive enough.

Go on a Netflix Marathon

Grab some popcorn, a comfy blanket and sit on your versatile sofa cum bed to catch up on any Netflix shows or new releases that you may have missed. It would be even more fun if you have your best friend over. Or better play a horror movie with all the squad. And hey when you get tired (or too scared to continue watching the horror movie), you can just turn the sofa in to a bed and call it a night. 

We’re sure that you’re pretty much sold on the idea of having a sofa cum bed in your bachelorhood. Better catch up on some retail therapy now.

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