It’s the story of every Pakistani house and my family is no different. I mean if they ever consider making a sequel to Monster-in-Law then why go to Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda when they can just hire me and my sasu maa. And it wouldn’t even have to be staged but rather a reality show (move away Big Boss).

It all started on my mehndi function when she said “Beta humaray ghar mai dulhanay nach’ti nahi hai.” Okay can someone tell her it’s the 21st century and brides can dance on their own wedding. So moving on, we’ve always had clashing interests – she likes pulao and I like biryani, she thinks makeup is stupid and don’t even get me started on our political views.

Let me tell you, I’ve tried to win her over but of no avail. And it always ends in both of us fighting. But the one who suffers the most from this is my poor husband. So for his sake and for making my life stress-free, I decided to finally bury the hatchet. It’s February and hence, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for this um change in behavior.

So I got the chocolates, flowers and gift for my husband, that was the easy part, but I couldn’t decide what to give aunty jee. After days of deliberating, I decided to get her a recliner sofa because she has been complaining about having a backache and she does love her TV.

So on Valentine’s, my husband and mother-in-law were out for shopping. In their absence, I got both their presents ready and decorated the house. When they entered the house, I gave them a surprise.

My sasu maa was pretty okay with the surprise but when she knew I got her a recliner sofa, her happiness was through the roof. I was expecting some “beta itni fazool kharchi kyu ki?” or “beta ye color mujhe acha nahi laga.” But to my amazement, she loved it! Here’s hoping this is the start of a loving relationship between us.  

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