It's time to choose some healthy bedtime activities to enjoy a relaxing sleep with SupremeFoam mattresses, pillows, and accessories. Productive bedtime activities relax your mind and body and allow you to stay stress-free.

Are you a person who loves to spend most of their time in bed during summer vacations? Do you waste a lot of your time lying in bed doing nothing? Have you been scolded many times by your parents to go to sleep early when you are unable to? You know, you can be very productive while lying on your best mattress. Wait... Did we just say the ‘’best mattress’’ and SupremeFoam Mattress in a box popped up in your mind? We will talk about this later. 

 Without a doubt, your bedtime or sleep is highly related to your mattress choice or sleeping accessories. But if you are not indulging in some productive bedtime activities, you are missing a lot. Remember the times when you have an exam tomorrow and you are unable to sleep due to tension? The moment you hold your syllabus book in your hand to revise the topics, boom! You are asleep. It sounds funny, but we have all been through this during our school, college, or university days. 

 Why are Bedtime Activities Important?

Bedtime habits allow your brain to relax, making your mind and body stress-free and aiding in peaceful sleep. Whenever your attention is diverted towards negative thoughts, you are unable to sleep. For example, you just had an issue with someone and now you can’t stop the thinking process regarding that person. Doing some bedtime activities hinder all such thoughts by bringing out the more positive side of you. Even if you are a blessed person who can sleep peacefully, productive or creative activities are good for your brain’s health.

 Before moving forward, what’s the most important thing you need to have a good bedtime? Yes, you guessed it right: the best foam mattress in Pakistan. A plush, cool mattress makes your bedtime quite enjoyable. We have jotted down a list of a few beneficial bedtime activities for adults and kids. We recommend trying one of these activities every day and adopting the one that suits your needs the best. 

For Adults:


It is one of the best ways to say goodbye to negative thoughts and anxieties. A perfect meditation ambiance can be created using our Supreme GelCool Memory mattress in a box and some scented candles. Switch off the lights and sit on your mattress with a straight back. Imagine you are in the green mountains with your loved ones, or you can imagine flying in the clouds on a SupremeFoam mattress and enjoying the views. Take deep breaths and you will happily fall asleep in no time.

Bedtime Yoga and Stretching

A bad day at the office because your boss yelled at you and you can’t say anything to him. You are under the control of your rage, and the moment you entered the house, you became enraged at your wife when she inquired about dinner. Regrettable right? Never do this again, with the help of bedtime yoga and stretching on Supreme GelCool Memory Foam. Don’t have one? Order now as it is one of the best mattress foams in Pakistan that offers a relaxing bedtime. Let your anger out in the form of yoga or stretching.

Writing Diary

You might not be a writing lover, but once you start writing about the good and bad moments of your daily life, you will feel tranquil. Several thoughts surface in our mind before going to sleep and disturb our sleep. Above all, you are saving your memories to cherish them later on. When you can’t share your feelings with anyone, your diary becomes your best friend. Sit on your comfortable SupremeFoam Soft mattress, turn on your lamp, open your diary and pour your heart out.  

Listening to Quran

By far, this is the most fruitful bedtime practice that you can incorporate into your daily life. Feeling stressed out, disappointed, reckless, or having insomnia? Can’t help yourself? It’s high time to lie down straight on the best mattress by SupremeFoam, set yourself free from worldly matters, and listen to Quranic verses. You will go into another world full of poise and calm. 

Book Reading

Getting close to your favourite books, such as The Forty Rules of Love or Alchemist, is a great way to wind down before bed. Good books are like good friends who keep you away from stress and anxiety. Get ready to drift off to dreamland by imagining yourself in the place of the characters you have just read about. It's entirely up to you!

Soothing Music

You just got home after a tiring day and received a message from your mother about the arrival of guests. You are in no mood to do house chores or welcome anyone right now, but you are feeling reckless. The golden sleep time has just flown away. You come to bed at night and guess what? Insomnia starts laughing at you. Arrrghhhh! Breathe in, breathe out, use your headphones and turn on soothing music and feel the vibe. Relaxing on the best mattress in Pakistan, listening to music, and suddenly sleeping – what a feeling! 

For Kids: 

You have completed all your house chores, entered your bedroom, and are about to jump on the best foam mattress in Pakistan by SupremeFoam. But wait... what? It’s 11 p.m. and your kid is still dancing on the bed. You want to run away for a while, don't you? But don’t worry, we have got you covered with our SupremeFoam Kidz Phone Pad and Supreme Kidz Baby Mattress. Lie her down on the Kidz mattress, and turn on her favourite baby TV show by placing it on the foam pad. She will eventually sleep, and you can rest. 

If your kid doesn’t sleep easily just like you, you definitely need to own SupremeFoam’s best mattress in Pakistan. A good mattress with an interesting bedtime story will make your kid fall asleep easily. Moreover, the story-reading habit makes your kid’s memory sharp.

 All of our premium quality mattresses, pillows, and accessories help to achieve a relaxing time. We care about you and your loved ones. We, at SupremeFoam, provide value for your money. The price of the Diamond SupremeFoam mattress price in Pakistan is highly reasonable as compared to other brands. Our ongoing Azadi Sale is another big catch. Discard your old mattresses and bring home SupremeFoam mattresses and pillows to enjoy a peaceful bedtime and sleep. After all, ‘Araam ka hai Naam, Diamond SupremeFoam’.