Supreme Pool noodles can be used by beginners in different swimming techniques. Be it kids or the elderly, both can learn this exercise to make the best use of them. Our solid pool noodles are denser and keep you floating on the water surface. Try creative ideas using pool noodles to make the plan for various fun activities for kids.

August is the perfect month of this season where you can plan and enjoy fun summer activities. When it comes to kids’ summer vacations, they get super excited about enjoying them. Why wouldn’t they get excited? After all, they will finally not be getting up early and going to school. All the mothers can definitely relate as it is the story of every child. Mothers can plan and execute different summer activities for their kids. Excursion trips to the north and informational trips to zoos or museums can be arranged twice or thrice. But you need to come up with a good idea to keep your kids engaged physically and mentally on a daily basis. You can make your kids physically active by playing outdoor games with them. We know you must be thinking it is hot outside and spending one to two hours outside will not be easy. And of course, the struggles behind applying sunblock on your kid’s face is another hard job.

We have a great idea for all the moms. Why don’t you arrange some exciting kid’s water activities? The most beneficial one is swimming. It is a proven fact that kids learn to swim faster as compared to the elderly. Just take him to a swimming club with essential kids’ pool accessories. Being a mom, you will get worried when your kid goes in the water. Kids’ pool noodles by SupremeFoam are there to support your babies. Our swimming pool noodles allow your child to enjoy his swimming session safely. It is one of the most popular kids' swimming accessories on our website this summer season.

Swimming Pool Noodles

Hearing about Supreme pool noodles for the first time? Well, don’t worry. There is always a first time for everything. The moment you buy these kids' swimming accessories, you and your kids will love them. If your kid is new to swimming, it is good practice to take the help of different kids’ pool accessories. Let us give you a brief overview of our pool noodles. Swimming noodles, or pool noodles, are cylindrical pieces of buoyant and flexible foam that support you while swimming. All beginner adults and children are advised to use them when entering the pool for the first time while learning to swim. You can roll them around your torso, keep them under your arms, or hold them in your hands. The main aim is to keep you afloat in the water. It can be your child’s best friend while doing kids' pool activities.

Fun ideas to utilize Supreme Pool Noodles: 

Relaxing in the Pool with Family

As mentioned earlier, our pool noodles can be used by kids as well as the elderly. If you are planning to beat the heat by having a relaxing time in the pool with your family, take these pool noodles. If you are not in the mood to swim, just stay afloat in the water and relax your body and enjoy mango juice. You don’t have to worry about your kids either because pool noodles will do the work for them as well. Roll the noodles around them and let the family fun begin.

Collecting Pool Noodles in Water

Playing with your kids in the swimming pool is a fun task. Take them to the swimming pool in the backyard of your home, or you can use a disposable pool. Any creative kids' water activity will make them physically and mentally fit. Set the SupremeFoam’s pool noodles in different spaces and ask your kids to collect them in the minimum time to win the water champ title.

Pass the Pool Noodles Game

Here is another interactive kid’s water fun game. You must have heard about the pass the parcel game that we used to play in our childhood. It is the same except for the place that is replaced by pool noodles. Set the kids in different positions in a pool with a minimum water level. If you are going to arrange this formation in a pool, wrap the SupremeFoam pool noodles around the kids first. Start the music and let the kids pass the bundle of 2-3 noodles to each other. As soon as the music stops, the one that was holding the stick will be out of the game.

A Crafty Water Raft

Brace yourself for another use of swim noodles by SupremeFoam. We know you are quite excited to know how to make a raft. Well, just order these kids' fun accessories, aka pool noodles, from our website. Take around 6-7 pieces of them and join them with the help of a nylon cord in a horizontal manner. Tie two smaller noodles in a vertical position beneath the horizontal noodles. Your kid’s fun pool float is ready and it won’t deflate!

Floating Beverage Tray

Who doesn’t like to enjoy chilled cocktails and juices while enjoying the pool? Especially when you are with your kids, they will always ask for something cold. It is not easy to hold juice boxes or chilled water bottles while you are in the water with your kids. Don’t worry, our pool noodles are here to rescue you. You can make a smart floating beverage tray for them. Take a plastic box, cut the pool noodles to fit the box in the center, and tie the noodles together firmly. You can add a double chord with this tray to move it easily. Tada, a cute floating beverage tray is ready to be used whenever needed.

The Advantages of Supreme Pool Noodles

Our premium quality pool noodles provide the right amount of fun for the elderly and kids equally. Use them in the swimming pool to let your kids enjoy themselves in the summertime. Our noodles are made of top-quality and denser foam as compared to other brands. For the following reasons, you should immediately buy them:

  • They are available in multiple colours that your children will love.
  • High-quality foam, which provides good buoyancy.
  • Flexibility allows for easier arm moments.
  • They are highly durable.

We hope you enjoyed this blog. Apart from being used for just water activities, pool noodles can be used in many other ways, which we will discuss some other time. Take care and stay tuned for more ideas!