The increase in screen time has created the need for quality phone pads and pillow pads. SupremeFoam is always ahead when it comes to understanding the needs of its customers. Our premium quality and tri-ledge design of phone pads and pillow pads can make screen time comfortable for both kids and elders.

Who doesn’t love to watch seasons on Netflix? Who doesn’t like to play games on mobiles? How can we not talk about Pakistani dramas that keep us hooked for hours? How can we not enjoy long gossip sessions with friends or family members on video calls? Yes, we all do. We just love to stick to our mobile phones to an extent where we don’t stop using them until we hear ‘Chor do phone ki jaan’ from our mothers. Mobile phones have become part and parcel of our lives. Humans have become super engrossed in technology and it is one of the reasons behind multiple health issues. But don’t worry SupremeFoam is there to cope with all posture problems related to health. Adults are adults, but even today’s kids are spending most of their free time using mobile phones.

How Super Heroes can save your Day? 

Watch your favourite Seasons without Interruption

There is deep silence, you are watching your favourite movie on your mobile phone or iPad, the climax is about to happen and what? BAAM! Your mobile just slipped out of your hand and hit your nose, Ouch… It hurts! What If you were having a nice pillow pad or phone pad with you? Obviously, you would have enjoyed it without any interruption. Our hot-selling pillow pad and phone pad for children and elders are a must-have for everyone. Kids’ pillow pad is a perfect kids' accessories that can be used by adults too. It can also be your saviour while watching movies or seasons or playing PUBG. Don’t get tired of holding your mobile phones anymore!

 Let your Mom Enjoy Mobile Games

Alia is a cheerful girl, she enjoys working at the office. For the past few days whenever she comes home, she sees her mom stuck to her mobile phone. She never asked her before but this time she couldn’t resist as her mom somehow dropped the phone from her lap. Mama, what are you doing constantly on your mobile phone for so long? She laughed and replied: ‘’Playing Candy crush Saga and look I am on level 200. Come here, have a look’’ Mama you just dropped your phone, Alia replied and laughed so hard. She knows, what her mom needs now. She remembers one of her colleagues bringing her daughter’s phone pad to the office. She instantly opened SupremeFoam’s website, searched for elders and kids accessories and there she saw a pretty kid’s pillow pad and phone pad in pink. She thought of buying the Supreme phone pad for elders in plain blue but she loved the pink one more. BANG ON! She ordered it in a few minutes. On the very next day, the doorbell rings and Alia runs to receive the phone pad. She goes to her mother and gives the pillow pad, hugs her and says: Mama enjoy your candy crush saga using it and don’t drop your mobile again hahaha. Your hero (SupremeFoam’s phone pad) will save your efforts by making you comfortable!

 Enjoy Multitasking

Now you know how our pillow pads or phone pads can help your elders. Order it for yourself or your loved ones and you can pay gratitude to us later. You must be thinking, what is the actual benefit of using an elder's or kid's phone pad or pillow pad? Well, the phone pad and pillow pad for children and elders have soft foam, tri-ledge and easy to carry design which allows you to keep it in your lap or anywhere with full support. You can easily multitask while sitting in the office or at home. It is also a hot season and you can’t absorb your mobile’s heat too. Just keep your mobile phone on the pad and enjoy your leisure time.

 Keep your Children Busy and Enjoy your Time

All the mothers out there are fully aware of the fact that a mobile phone is the last resort to keep your child busy. Though it is never recommended in the first place, sometimes it does the magic. You are at a formal gathering of your husband’s colleagues. All is going good, you are enjoying and making new connections. You see your kid sitting silently for a while and after some time, there is a 360-degree turn. Your little experimenter is touching the expensive decoration pieces and creating a fuss. Your host’s heart is pounding fast and deep down he wants to reprimand the kid to save anything from breaking. Your husband is staring at you. You are super embarrassed. You just went like a hero to save the day and kept him in your lap. He is still fighting his way out and there he goes, OAAAAN… More embarrassment.

 You just unlocked your mobile phone and played his favourite cartoons. Phewww! He is all ok now but now you are on the duty to hold the mobile phone for him. Tiring! Dinner is about to serve and you can’t leave him because he is super engrossed. You are definitely missing a kid’s phone pad here. It can hold the mobile phone for your kid while you can enjoy the party. Moreover, wherever, you can take this lightweight and skin-friendly pad anywhere to avoid holding the mobile phone for your kids for a long time. If you have a special tab for your kids, you can go for the Supreme Kidz pillow pad.

 SupremeFoam Pillow Pads & Phone Pads – For Everyone

Owing to increase in screen time due to reading, playing and watching anything on mobile or IPad has led to uncomfortable postures. SupremeFoam always comes up with the perfect solution to your need. Our premium quality phone pads and pillow pads are for everyone. They aid in supporting your neck, multitasking and saving your effort of holding mobile phones or tabs. Now you and your children can watch or read anything without slouching and affecting your back. You can also easily monitor your child's activity due to tri-ledge design. No more staying up late at night to hold the mobile phone for your baby and get tired. What are you waiting for? Order it now!