When making a mattress purchase, you’re making a significant change to your lifestyle. No matter which mattress you choose to buy, it is bound to stay with you for many years which is why it makes sense that you keep it safe and secure. A mattress protector simply put is a piece of cloth stretched all over your mattress which acts as a barrier against potential harm. It’s just like icing on the cake!

Here’s a list of all the benefits of investing in a mattress protector:

Ensures the longevity of your mattress

Some of the top benefits of investing in a mattress protector is that it helps increase the lifespan of your mattress, safeguard the warranty and heighten the level of comfort. Even occasional jumping, movement, or spills can drastically reduce the life of the mattress. Whether it’s a new mattress or an old one, a mattress protector can shield your mattress against possible damage. 

Easy to wash

No matter the size of your mattress, it’s not possible to machine wash the entire thing but a much effective solution is creating a barrier that can easily be washed or changed. A mattress protector ensures your mattress won’t be compromised from the smallest smudge to the biggest stains as it acts as a barrier between you and the mattress. If any such stain falls it can easily be washed without damaging the mattress itself.

Side tip: You should ideally wash your mattress protector once every other week.

Maintains a hygienic sleeping environment

Do you or those you love struggle with allergies? A mattress protector is a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones as it not only proves to be an effective solution for spills but also the dead skin cells that seep in the mattress or pet dander that create a favorable environment for bacteria, germs, and mites. Your mattress protector can act as a protection shield against such dust mites, allergens, and bed bugs. Consequently, keeping your sleeping surface highly sanitary.

Boosts the comfort of your mattress

The fitted sleep style combines the health and comfort benefits of offering sound sleep. Depending on the type of mattress protector you purchase, it can help boost the comfort of your mattress. Some offer a layer of silky smooth surface that minimizes skin friction and irritation whilst others come with cooling properties to dissipate heat.

Disclaimer: A mattress protector should not be confused with a mattress topper.

In a nutshell

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you got a sleep surface that is natural as cotton, strong as polyester, smoother than silk and keeps your sensitive skin safe while offering healthy sleep benefits? What’s more, is you wouldn’t need to spend a hefty sum of money to have this experience. If yes, then it’s time to cover up your mattress with a mattress protector today!