Nothing screams comfort and convenience like a comfy sofa bed. One minute it is a bed that meets your sleeping needs while the next it transforms into a sofa that presents a remarkable space for family and friends to rejoice to.

Our list features a range of eye-catching sofa beds that will truly anchor magical moments for your home. 

Denby sofa bed

Crafted for special moments

If you’re looking for a style statement for your home that serves comfort and convenience with exceptionally good looks then get a hold of our convertible Denby sofa bed. This L-shaped design leaves you entranced by its looks and versatility. It provides ample space and creates a cohesive look. Another definitive plus of this design is that you can rearrange it for a change of interior.

Allure sofa bed

Storage pockets to tuck away clutter

We often find ourselves lounging away at our home watching movies while munching on junk food or other edibles. Ultimately, you would want to stuff your unrequired items or other clutter away so it doesn’t hinder your activities. It may be a candy wrapper, stashing away magazines or even hiding away the remote control. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you would get a sofa bed that is subtly gorgeous and exceptionally comfortable while offering a unique storage space to meet your needs? Then check out our Allure sofa bed. Minimal and comfortable, it easily blends into any interior to change your ordinary home into extraordinary.

Rolfing sofa bed

Discover how extraordinary your home can be

Nothing is as heartwarming as a welcoming home having a spectacular retreat. With Rolfing sofa bed, you can transform your living space in a flash with comfort that meets your needs and aesthetic that blends well with any interiors. Cushioned seats that are perfectly padded provide comfort for longer hours even if you’re seated in the same posture. The fun design is sure to be everyone’s favorite as its individuality is heightened with blends retro.

Inbox sofa bed

Keep your drinks next to you

Drink too far to get a grip of? Then have it placed right next to you as you enjoy your day! Inbox sofa bed takes you on a journey of comfort and poetic functionality. You can pull the sofa bed out to enjoy some restful sleep or have it set as a sofa to make your lounging experience conveniently fun. What’s more is you can place your cups or glasses close with its cleverly crafted cup holders.

Alfa sofa bed

Add a welcoming upgrade for a guest worthy room

Looking for a special addition to your home that’s contemporary but still poses a traditional charm. Alfa sofa bed brings unique vision to life with impending details and astonishing functionality. Space-efficient and versatile, it’s all the convenience you need when you greet surprise guests and arrange sleepovers as well. It’s also suitable to rest your head on the side and stretch out your legs if you don’t want it transformed.  

Final word

Make the most of your space with our exclusive range of sofa beds offered both online and in-stores. You can choose from an array of color options and different upholstery fabric. We’re currently offering furniture items in faux-leather, velvet and jute. The sofa beds are offered in 1, 2 and 3 seaters and prices vary depending on each seater. Place your order now before stock runs out!