If you find yourself getting sick often then chances are that your poor sleeping schedule is the culprit. We all know that sleeping a good eight hours each night will save us from fatal diseases, like heart attacks and high blood pressure, but what we don’t know is that sleeping properly and a strong immune system goes hand in hand.

Secret behind a Strong Immunity: Sleeping

A person who is properly rested will not only have a strong immunity but in the occurrence of an illness, would also be able to recover faster. So why is that so? Well when we are catching up on our precious Zzs, certain proteins are produced and released in our bodies. This protein, called cytokines, promotes a good sleep and attacks any viruses / infections that may be entering our body.   

Secret behind a Strong Immunity: Sleeping

A lack of sleep can stop production of this very necessary protein. Hence, causing us to fall prey to seasonal illnesses more often. It is safe to say that a strong immunity is a byproduct of sleeping consistently each night for the recommended hours. But what if you are unable to do so?

During periods of tight deadlines or semester finals, our sleeping hours gets compromised. A temporary solution is to rely upon naps to somewhat cover for the sleep deprivation. Such naps should not be longer than 30 minutes. A person should ideally nap twice a day, once in the afternoon and the other in the evening.

Secret behind a Strong Immunity: Sleeping

It is important to note here that solely sleeping properly wouldn’t make your immune responses to diseases strong. You would need to establish some healthy habits that will play a part in strengthening up your immunity. Try keeping your hands and environment dust-free, have a well-balanced diet and stock up on any needed vitamins.

The secret to having a strong immunity is sleeping properly each night. So catch up on your sleep or be ready to get a runny nose.

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