Scents have a strong influence on our moods, appetite and even how we sleep. Some people swear by aromatherapy and use it as an alternative medicine. Some medication for beating insomnia and sleep apnea can have serious side effects. Essential oils get the job done without impacting you in an adverse way.

Essential Oils for Better Sleep

Essential oils have a pleasant smell and can instantly make our mood better and hence, can put us in a relaxed state. Once we condition ourselves to inhale certain oils before sleeping, then we get used to them and it makes it easier for us to sleep.

Essential oils for sleeping are used for two main reasons; to cure insomnia and to quit snoring and sleep apnea. The best oils for these purposes are lavender, citrus, vanilla, jasmine and rose among others.

Essential Oils for Better Sleep

But the question still exists that how do we use these oils for better sleep? Well you can rub a few drops of the desired essential oil on pressure points or other parts of your body. You can also rub a few drops in your hands, make a cup and then inhale deeply before you sleep.

In addition to this, you can also make your own personalized body mist by taking a spray bottle, adding water and essential oil in it and giving it a good shake. Brownie points if you decorate your bottle as well. Just spray the mist in your room or on your pillow or blanket before sleeping.

Essential Oils for Better Sleep

You can also invest in an essential oil diffuser to keep on inhaling the pleasant smell all night long. If you are someone who likes to take warm showers in the night, then by adding a few drops in your bath tub will instantly put you in a relaxing state of mind and make you ready for bed.   

Essential oils are truly a wonder in a bottle for sleeping properly at night. And the best part? They are super economical and will last you a lifetime. 

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