Emotional intelligence is a trait not found in most people. Those who are lucky are enough to possess it reach to unimaginable heights. Fortunately, you can always acquire these habits with a little self-control and will power. Here’s what people with high EQ do differently.

Respond than React

People with high emotional intelligence can be compared to a glass of water – no matter how much you shake the glass, the water will adjust and become still again. Similarly, such people will respond rather than react when encountered with a difficult situation. It is really hard to break tough people since they always maintain their calm. 

Accept their True Self

People with high EQ don’t feel the need to hide behind a mask or their colleague. They accept themselves the way they are and remain true to themselves. You will seldom find such people acting out of their character. They also have a high integrity and will be the first ones to admit their mistakes.  

Think before Speaking

Thinking before speaking is an art that a few own. Individuals with high emotional intelligence will either speak appropriately or would choose not to speak at all. They follow what we call a six second rule. In the face of a heated debate when they are being challenged to their fullest, they will pause for six seconds before responding. This is because it takes our brain around six seconds to lower the flow of chemicals towards it.

Thrive in Face of Challenges     

People with high emotional intelligence don’t avoid challenges but rather welcome them. They perform their best under pressure and when being tested. They are able to look at both sides of the story and hence, are in a better position of making an informed decision.

By implementing these traits, you will be able to increase your emotional intelligence and become even more successful.    

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