All of us are acquainted with the feeling of having to do so much but somehow choosing not to do it, aka procrastination. The latter can act as a big obstacle in your path to success. Fortunately, just by tweaking a few habits, you can quit this menace for good. Here’s how:

Set simple goals

Often times we procrastinate because the amount of tasks we need to do seems daunting. We all have made elaborate to-do lists but of no avail. Start by writing a couple of tasks to do each day. Since the change wouldn’t be too drastic, you’d be willing to work on them. After a week, perform three tasks as opposed to two and sooner or later, you’d be making and completing your elaborate to-do lists. 

Give it 10 minutes

There are moments when we just can’t make ourselves to sit down and work. In times like these, put on a timer for 10 minutes and start working on that essay or project. If you feel like working after the 10 minutes have ended, continue on working. If not, then quit whatever you’re doing. 4 out of 5 times you’ll be in such a flow that you won’t stop. 

Pile on the incentives

You can fake the motivation by promising yourselves incentives after completing different milestones. So for instance after every page of your thesis that you write, you will reward yourself with a candy. You know as they say, fake it till you make it. 

Keep the distractions at bay   

This one is self-explanatory. Put your phone on airplane mode, sit in a quiet room, turn on the TV and eliminate all sorts of distractions that may be a source of hindrance in you completing your tasks. The lesser the distractions, the more you will be able to focus on your goals.

Implement these little tips in your daily routine to beat procrastination and be ready to soar to new heights. 

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