Nothing is more peaceful than those extra ten minutes of sleep after we hit the snooze button. The truth is that if we had those additional thirty minutes or a hour of sleep, we would feel more rejuvenated and ready to get about on our day. Here are five different ways you can steal some extra sleep at night:

Plan it out 

Just like you plan your meetings and appointments, you should plan out your sleep appointment as well. You wouldn’t dare miss out or be late to an important meeting with your boss. Similarly, you should take your sleep appointments seriously and make sure to get your good eight hours of sleep. 

Comfort over everything

Your bedding should not only look good but should be comfortable enough for you to sleep peacefully at night. Invest in a mattress that helps you relax at night. Ideally you should change your mattress after every seven years and pillows after each year.

Exercise is key

Exercise is necessary not only for staying in shape but also for sleeping blissfully at night. Working out can get your blood moving and make you sleep better at night. However, make sure to exercise at least a couple of hours before you sleep so your sleep isn’t interrupted.

Banish away stress

Stress and anxiety are the enemies that will stop you from sleeping like a baby. Extreme stress can cause insomnia which can leave you in a disoriented state. Find a way to let go of this stress by meditating, taking a shower or venting out to a friend.

Power naps are the way to go

While long naps can disrupt your eight hours of sleep at night, power naps of 10 to 20 minutes can make you energized. Such naps are your fool proof way for an energy boost without having to worry about disturbing your sleep.

Include these tips in your life and be ready on catching up on your precious sleep.

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