The recent Diamond TVC certainly gives us a glimpse of the class that contemporary sofas can add to a living room. The attention to detail can add life to an otherwise dull room and makes family gatherings all the more comfortable.  The reason Ali Zafar and Mehwish Hayat opted for Dolce Vita premium class furniture is because of the foam that goes into it, that not only determines its level of comfort but also prevents it from sagging and offer durability over the years.

The sight of a living room defining premium comfort and grandeur can be quite a stress-reliever after a long, tiring day. Decorating your living room with furniture that is in line with the latest designs is the dream of every homemaker who has a sense of aesthetic appeal when it comes to modern furniture.

‘Diamond Supreme Foam’ Inside tag

To judge the authenticity of a sofa, you need to assess it beyond its looks. We believe in delivering quality, above and beyond mere looks. Our authenticity tag is what differentiates our superior quality foam from other dopes, who claim to be made of high-quality material, when in reality, that is far from the truth.  The constituents of a grand-looking sofa set is what ranks it higher on the quality scale.

Before buying any of the Diamond Supreme articles, make sure that you look for the Diamond Supreme Foam’ Inside tag, embedded on every variant that we produce. This serves as a sign of authenticity, helping our customers take well-informed decisions and make no compromises when it comes to quality.

The values that Diamond lives by is to ensure that their customers enjoy a higher quality of life by making use of the finest materials that nature has to offer. With superior quality material embedded within layers, the final finished product defines.

Pakistan’s Most Loved Family Mattress Brand

Diamond Supreme Foam, is one Pakistan’s most loved family mattress brand for a reason. Their products embody high standards of craftsmanship and skill. Being the expert in their field they are dedicated to manufacturing Pakistan’s No.1 quality foam, symbolizing elegance and world-class comfort.

If you wish to add these modern pieces of art in your home, our website embeds a truly seamless ecommerce experience, redefining luxury living. Browse through our comprehensive range of modern furniture, with a touch of vintage and add to cart, any or as many items that appeals to your aesthetic sense. Our user and mobile-friendly web design helps make your browsing experience even more convenient, seamless and exciting.

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