We’ve all dozed off on the couch while watching TV? There’s nothing more comfortable than sleeping on the couch after a tiring day but nothing can compare to the comfort of sleeping on your bed.

Pulled your muscle while sleeping or is your back aching? That is why a bed is designed for you to sleep on, not your couch. Couches might be really comfortable to sit on and are made to support your body but there are several reasons why you wake up with your whole body aching.

Couches Aren’t Always Clean:

If you compare your sofa to your bed, people tend to wash their sheets and keep the bed clean. On the other had your sofa might not be so clean. A sofa is that piece of furniture that everyone uses. Do you wash your couch or cushions?

Hygiene is a big part of sleeping comfortably. You need a clean space to rest properly. Mattresses like Supreme Knitted Ultra by Diamond Supreme has high-density foam, breathable fabric and most importantly diamond health shield which keeps the foam clean and you safe from bacteria and dust mites.

Soft Doesn’t Mean Supportive:

Your mattress was designed to support your entire body. When you sleep on your mattress it supports your weight equally hence you do not wake up sore or stiff.

Your sofa, on the other hand, lacks that kind of structure. It is designed in such a manner that it supports your body while you’re sitting not when you’re laying down. Laying down on a couch gives varying levels of support to different parts of your body. Therefore, the chances of waking up in pain are high. For this reason, it is said that sleeping on the couch should be avoided.

The trouble with Temperatures:

Diamond Supreme Supreme Smart GelCool Mattresses were made to adjust to your body temperature. With dual sides for winter and summers, it gives you the right temperature to sleep in comfortably. You can pair the Beauty Sleep E-gel Pillow with the mattress for a better night’s sleep to keep your head and neck at ease too. Unlike these mattresses and pillows a couch does not adjust the temperature it just absorbs the heat from your body regardless of the weather.

Sleeping on the couch once in a while is not a problem but making it a routine should be avoided at all costs.

Excellent sleep health requires an optimal sleep surface and an optimal sleep environment, none of which can be achieved by that big comfy couch in your living room. There’s no substitute for a proper night’s sleep and your mattress is designed to provide you with just that.