1 - Your mattress comes first

You might think to change your mattress because of the weather might seem like an overreaction, but your comfort comes first. Visit your nearest Diamond Supreme Foam outlet and check out our Urban Series Fresco O2 mattress with gel infused memory foam which regulates your body temperature 6 times faster than any ordinary mattress. The soft foam padding provides additional comfort. 

2 - Upgrade Your Pillow 

Too hot to sleep? The solution might be right under your head. If you’re still using the pillow you’ve had for years it might be time for an upgrade. Your pillow is as important as your mattress for sound sleep. An old pillow will put your whole body out of alignment. Our Beauty Sleep Memory Contour Pillow maintain spinal alignment and cradles your neck in luxurious comfort. It also helps reduce pain and stiffness. 

3 - Be Sheet-Smart 

Sheets might seem secondary but they need changing just like your pajamas. Silk, satin, and polyester are great picks for winters but light cotton sheets are the perfect summer picks. Pick sheets that are breathable and light in weight so you sleep comfortably with a good night’s sleep. 

4 - Protect Your Bedroom 

Go around your room and pinpoint all the things that contribute to the heat. If you have large windows, draw the curtains to keep the heat out. Where is the A/C vent positioned? Keep it at the right spot so it cools your room evenly. A 5-minute walk around the room can save you from the heat all night, so take a look around and see what might help in reducing the heat and make the environment cooler. 

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