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Supreme Knee Roll


Supreme Knee Roll

As low as PKR 1,200.00

When it comes to relaxation and sleep rejuvenation, knee pillow, without a doubt, is a great option to consider. There’s an extra pressure on joints for side sleepers and so, it is significantly important to use a pillow that supports natural body alignment. Our knee pillow is designed ergonomically so your legs, hips, and spine are kept in alignment and you don’t wake up with dull ache or cramps the next day. It also provides a cushioning buffer that further prevents knee joints from rubbing together, which otherwise, could lead to pains and aches in some people. Joint pressure relief also aids improved blood circulation for long-lasting comfort. This does make a good difference in how your body rests at night by providing perfect support while relieving sciatica pain and lowering backpressure.

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