It was eight in the evening when Aliya entered her apartment. She came to the sight of her cat making a mess of her freshly ironed laundry. She took a sigh- it was a tough day at work. She only had one cup of coffee and that too with regular milk unlike her very ‘healthy’ almond milk. She sat on her vintage sofa which was not very comfortable but hey, it was Instagram-able.

She contemplated her day at work. Her boss gave her an assignment to do-actual work, yikes! She couldn’t complete the latest episode of Riverdale because of the assignment and now she will be lost when her friends will critique the episode on their much happening WhatsApp group. Aliya opened her fridge to find the food that she meal prepped three days ago but hey, who likes eating days old food.

Aliya and the Wonders of a Good Night Sleep

With a frown on her face, she entered her room and the thing that instantly made her smile was the sight of her much beloved bed. Aliya collapsed on it and curled up to her blanket, ready to catch some Zzzs and forget the awful day she had.

Surrounded by a dozen pillows, Aliya slept like a baby that night. She dreamt about all the things that she wanted in life- an iPhone X, a Kardashian body and a bank balance that resembled her mobile number. She also had a walk down nostalgia lane as she found herself as a 10 year old in princess jammies, at her family home, eating birthday cake for breakfast.

Aliya woke up the next morning fresh as ever. She was pumped up with energy and that too without any caffeine- a rarity that is. She bullet journal-ed her day and wrote an elaborate list of all the things she wanted to do till she turned 50. She did yoga that day and meditated. She wore a boss lady outfit and got out of the house for work way before time. It is amazing what a good night of sleep can do.

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