What is Memory Foam? 

Ranging from pillows and mattresses to office supplies and footwear, Memory Foam is found in many products now. One of the most common products that now use memory foam and boast about its benefits- can you guess it? Yes, your mattress! Memory foam mattresses are the perfect surface to sleep on with its high-density foam composition.

Diamond Supreme Foam’s Supreme Memory Mattress relieves stress, gives personalized support, has Diamond Health Shield for protection from unwanted allergies and illness, and memory foam that molds your body and provides ideal posture support.

The Benefits & Unique Facts of Memory Foam Mattresses: 

To help you determine if memory foam is the right pick for a good night’s sleep we have compiled some facts to highlight the qualities of this mattress.

1 - Memory Foam Fits Perfectly With Your Body
Diamond Supreme Foam’s Supreme Memory foam mattress molds perfectly with your body contours, it gives you personalized support, letting the surface of the mattress fit perfectly with your body in such a manner that you feel comfortable and can rest with ease. 
2 - Memory Foam Provides Temperature-Control Support

Your body temperature definitely affects your sleep. Memory foam beds are made using temperature-sensitive material, which adjusts to your body heat and weight. Additionally, memory foam is able to retain heat, making winters bearable providing warmth when needed. 

3 - Memory Foam Provides Pain-relief Comfort

Diamond Supreme Foam’s Supreme Memory Mattress is a pain reliever, by releasing pressure from points of pain in your body, memory foams relieve pain, body aches and soreness, also helping your body to recover more quickly from injuries. Memory foams detect the differences in points of pain and molds the body accordingly by adding pressure to that area. Supreme Memory Foam also provides ideal posture support. 

4 - Memory Foam Is Allergy Friendly

Mattresses used for a few few years contain anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside (Environment, Health and Safety Online). Supreme Memory mattresses have Diamond Health Shield which is made of fibers that prevent allergy –causing dust mites from collecting within the bed and is anti-bacterial too. 

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