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Recliners By PostureWell

With our exemplary range of recliners by PostureWell, you can expect nothing less than the best quality and durability. Designed with reinforced stitching and sturdy material that is crafted to provide the most luxurious and comfortable experience.

  1. Repose Love Seat
    PKR139,700 - PKR 209,000
  2. Repose
    PKR59,400 - PKR 114,950
  3. Adjustable Bed
    PKR450,000 - PKR 600,000
  4. King Cinematic Love Seat
    PKR171,600 - PKR 257,400
  5. King
    PKR59,400 - PKR 114,950

Enjoy deeper sleep and more daily energy.

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Bringing in comfort to all areas of your life.

With the iconic blend of style, comfort and class our recliners are sure to please and make your home the ultimate destination that provides a peace of mind.

High Quality Wood