Sound of Aaram

Sound of Aaram brings you a carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized playlist that comprises of music that will have a profound effect on both the mind & the body. Triggering parasympathetic nervous system which helps your body and mind relax and reduce stress. Ensuring a better quality of life, by leaving you to feel positive and more optimistic.

Deep Blue Ocean

Take a moment to Believe in yourself. Imagine the Supreme Version of you.

Beautiful Sights

For All the things you want, First Remember all the things you have. Life is Beautiful.

Field in the Morning

Refresh your Mind. Reflect and Re Focus.

Inhale Life

Unwind. Separate your work life from your personal life.


You are a Game Changer! Take control of the day.

Space Guitar

Go to your Happy Place. Play a mental video of your best memories.

We Have A Love

Your Me Time. Because you are beautiful inside.

Ave Maria Solo Piano Arrangement

Calm yourself. Use the power of positive thoughts to lead your day.

Sundown Call

Take a moment to de-stress yourself. Find your Inner Balance.

Wonderful Places

Rise. Chase Your Dream.