It is essential for you to take care of your mattress, it will enable you to get the most benefit from it for years to come. Here are some helpful mattress care tips that are also easy to follow. 

Ensure proper support.

After purchasing a new mattress make sure it has the support of a proper foundation to resist sagging over time. Check if your bed frame has the proper number of slates to support your mattress. 

Clean your mattress regularly.

It is necessary to know how to clean a mattress to reduce dust and allergen build up. One should regularly vacuum the mattress using a handheld attachment during their regular cleaning cycles at home. Once it becomes routine it will be easier to keep your mattress clean. 

If you wash your mattress bear in mind that saturating the foams and fibers with liquid cleaners and water can damage the foam. Hence, when needed clean the stains with warm water and mild detergent. Let it dry completely before using it. 

Diamond Supreme Foam has the Diamond Health Shield support for all their mattresses which is designed with anti-bacterial, anti-dust, anti-mite technology to keep you safe from any illness or allergies. 

Rotate to even out wear over time.

Rotating is not required, but it can help even out normal wear over time. You can rotate your pillow top mattress as often as once per month, or less depending on your preference. 

Take care when moving your mattress.

If you plan on moving your mattress to a new location make sure it fits through all the doors and be sure to measure the entryways to ensure that it will fit without it bending. Bending a mattress can cause damage. When possible, work with professional movers to ensure that your mattress is transported without any damage.