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Comfort & Support Level: Responsive for balanced support across all weight types

Introducing Technotonic® an evolutionary proprietary scientific super pressure PU Foam technology developed for extra breathability and buoyancy. The beehive like cell structure allows for greater air flow, enhancing moisture absorption and ventilation, while sustaining a cooler sleep ensuring an energised sleep. Designed for those with active lifestyles that need an optimised quality of sleep between work and play.

The OLA by Dolce Vita – King of Mattresses is a Super Hybrid Technotonic® Sleep Energy Mattress engineered with a multi layer composition featuring a dual layer revolutionary Technotonic® Energy Sleep Sheet, an American Standard Short Firm Pocket Spring for a buoyancy and support constructed between dual Energy Foam Layers.

  • Mattress Height: 30 CM
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  • This luxurious fabric offers you an added layer of comfort for a restful night’s sleep. What is more, it has breathable feature and it presents a healthy and hygienic sleep.
  • Anti-static feature helps rid the negative energy built up in the body for better sleep.
  • Supports natural protective layer of the skin.