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Carefully crafted high-quality furniture that never goes out of style! From sofas to dining tables, we have what you need to complete your living room or dining room. Find the perfect articles for your needs from our huge selection of colors, sizes, and styles.

  1. Copa Bed
    PKR68,200 - PKR 68,200
  2. Copa Side Table
    PKR15,400 - PKR 15,400
  3. Oscar Bed
    PKR33,200 - PKR 33,200
  4. Oscar Side Table
    PKR9,400 - PKR 9,400
  5. Roy Bed
    PKR47,400 - PKR 47,400
  6. Roy Dresser
    PKR20,000 - PKR 20,000
  7. Supreme Plus
    PKR24,541 - PKR 43,500

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Discover how extraordinary your home can be.

Tailored to your style, our elegant furniture is a true lesson in perfectly balanced comfort and style, encouraging communication and a relaxed atmosphere.

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