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As low as PKR 9,300.00

Create the perfect look, add a little flexibility, and transform your living space with our Echo Sofabed. It’s the ultimate combination of comfort meeting convenience. Sleek and modern design makes it a space saver that’s easy to use and rolls out seamlessly to a bed. This piece will instantly become the focal point of your lounge and complement your décor too. If you are looking for something that needs to be used in regular use, Echo Sofabed will provide you the perfect sit and sleep day and night.

  • One Seater: Width: 90cm, Height: 73.6cm, Depth: 78.74cm
  • Two Seater: Width: 150cm, Height: 73.6cm, Depth: 78.74cm
  • Three Seater: Width: 198cm, Height: 73.6cm, Depth: 78.74cm
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