Sleeping is a luxury which we all can never have enough of (hello adults). To make sure you sleep like a baby always, continue reading on to see the top sleeping myths getting exposed.

Snoring is Completely Normal

Snoring is Completely Normal

Desi Dads turn into beat boxes when they are sleeping. With perfectly composed snores, they know how to pump up the crowd (with lack of sleep and annoyance of course). But it’s time to give them the ultimate shocker; snoring is not normal. It can be a sign of sleep apnea which can increase your chances of dying from a cardiac arrest (talk about destructive habits). Snoring should be examined to see if it’s not a symptom of a medical condition. 

“Oh, I’ll sleep it off over the weekend…”           

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We often find ourselves saying the above to compensate for our terrible sleeping habits on the weekdays. But here’s the truth; if you sleep for less than your optimal sleeping time, you will fall in what we call a Sleep Debt. And yes, the latter is as scary as a financial one. Such irregular sleeping patterns can actually make you feel worse off in the long run.

Less Sleep = More Success?

Uh, no! We regularly hear phrases like, ‘Sleeping is for losers’ and ‘Sleep when you’re dead’ but there’s so much wrong with that. Sleeping for fewer hours is proven to cause a lower concentration span and can lead to serious illnesses, like diabetes and heart attacks. Take our word on this and catch up on your much needed Zzzs.

8 Hours of Sleep is the Way to Go

Top Sleeping Myths Debunked

This is the ultimate totka repeated excessively by everyone. 8 hours is just an average and how many hours of sleep we need may be different to how many hours you need. The biological sleep cycle is different for everybody, hence it is important for you to track how many hours you need and then being consistent with that.

-> The ultay seeday loag

The ultay seeday loag

Since the truth is out, what changes are you bringing in your sleeping habits from now on?