Happy is what we all want to be. Most people spend their entire lives in the search for happiness but are unable to find it. What if I spare you all this trouble and reveal the ultimate way to be happy once and for all. Well, the truth is that the only way to happiness is no way to happiness.

Society today has such a twisted belief regarding achieving happiness. We believe that in order to be happy, we must possess something (money or time) to engage in an activity (start a business or travel the world) that will reap us emotions that we desire (happiness, love or success). This cycle can best be explained by the phrase have-do-be. However to be happy, we must do the opposite.   

In order to be truly happy, we must first feel an emotion and let that emotion be the basis of what we want to do that will help us to achieve the things we want to achieve. So for instance, I am happy and motivated and I use this motivation as a basis to start my own business which will help me to achieve the Ferrari that I want to buy. 

Happiness is not a destination, but rather is an emotion felt through the entire journey. The law of attraction is a great way of understanding how we can bring positive energy in our lives. Whatever we believe, we attract. So if we engage in positive thoughts, we will attract positive things in our lives.

It is because of this that entrepreneurs, like Scott Adams, have achieved so much success. Adams has attributed his success to positive verification. Just by saying positive things about ourselves will make us believe that and bring us closer to our goals.       

So remember that to be truly happy and content with ourselves and life, we must not search for them through tangible things but rather simply feel that emotion. 

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