A person with obstruction in his airways may snore more than a person who does not have such an issue. Surprisingly, your pillow can help in decreasing snoring by positioning head and neck in such a way that keep the airways unblocked.

From mild snuffles to loud snorts, snoring is one of the most common medical conditions found in people today. As per an international survey, 25 percent of people snore regularly and be the cause of disturbance for their partner and themselves. While 45 percent of adults snore oftentimes while they are in deep sleep. There are several very common reasons why most people snore. One of the main reasons can be your weight. If you are overweight, there are chances that you will most likely snore more as compared with people who weigh below 55 kg. Another reason that is very common for snoring is age. According to studies, people who fall in the bracket of middle age and above are most likely to snore more. Snoring issues may increase as people age.

Basically, soring is the sound of clogged sleeping patterns. This irritating loud sound is created following some basic factors. The factors may include poor muscle tone, layered throat tissues, or clogged occurrence in the throat due to uvula or long soft palate.

But there is one reason for snoring that is never taken into consideration for years. You will be surprised to know that your pillow can be one of the major reason behind snoring. An inappropriate pillow that does not support your sleeping position becomes a reason for continuous snoring. 

How to stop snoring with the help of Diamond SupremeFoam

Snoring can be one of the most irritating medical condition one ever faces. We believe that people who snore sometimes feel embarrassing when they are tend to stay at someone else’s place. If you are facing the same situation, don’t worry! Diamond SupremeFoam got you covered. Our panel of experts have finally found the best, easy on pocket, and impeccable solution for people who can’t help snoring at night. Following are the products by Diamond SupremeFoam that are going to bring miraculous changes in your life and make your nights snore-free. Take a read and find the perfect solution for yourself and your loved ones.

Mattresses by Diamond SupremeFoam for snorers

Snoring is a medical condition that happens when the air unable to travel freely inside your body. A good mattress that helps you in spreading your body weight equally on the bed is a mattress you need to sleep on. If we look at the ortho mattresses by Diamond SupremeFoam, we see numerous solution for snoring habits.  For people with other medical conditions like back pain, spinal issues, or any kind of body, Diamond SupremeFoam have launched its Health Supporter Series. In this range of quality and best anti-snoring mattress, you are given a wide range of mattresses that eliminate snoring. Supreme Sleep Energiser is one of the selling mattress in terms of snoring problems. We also have Ortica Gelcool Memory mattress that helps in maintaining body temperature along with healing snoring issues. If you like to sleep on a hard surface then Supreme Firm Mattress is what you need. These mattresses is the ultimate solution for your back pain, spinal issue, neck supporting and snoring disorder. You can also see the entire range of Diamond SupremeFoam Health Supporter Series and find the best match for your sleeping habits.

Pillows you need for fastest snoring solution

After selecting the right mattress, you need a pillow that adjusts to your body and allows you sleep in any position you want without having to suffer from snoring. After years of research, surveys, and years of hard work, Diamond SupremeFoam has finally discovered the best range of pillows that takes the charge of removing snores from your peaceful nights. Lets find out the amazing pillow collection by Diamond SupremeFoam.

1-      Supreme Care Pillow

These pillows are designed in such a way that it elevates and distributes the body weight in such a way that the airways are free and open. This way the air we need to breathe during our sleep is able to move through unobstructed paths and allow us to have a peaceful night’s sleep. These pillows are multi-purpose and can be used to improve our back posture during the daytime. You can make the most out of these pillows by using them from both ends and eliminating snoring sessions. Designed with Memory Foam and super comfortable fabric, these pillows make your nights more peaceful.

2-      Good Neck Pillow Contour

Good neck pillow contour by Diamond SupremeFoam is intensely designed and is responsible for a vital ergonomic contour to give your neck and shoulders comprehensive support as it easily adjusts to your shifting postures while you’re asleep. It also comes with good airflow to guarantee breathability and anti-bacterial properties keeping up with your hygiene standards.

Diamond SupremeFoam has been catering all of your sleeping accessories to improve your lifestyle since decades now. The products are manufactured after keen observation and strict measurement. We make sure that the products we are delivering falls in the perfect quality criteria. Diamond SuprmeFoam allows you to go bold and choose the best sleeping companion in the form of ortho mattresses, quality pillows, and accessories like knee rolls and foot rest. So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Diamond SupremeFoam outlet or find your dream product by clicking here!