We all love to relax and sit on a comfortable sofa, watching Netflix all day. Binge eating, your favourite season and no disturbance at all are quite fascinating options. Days like this on the weekends are justifiable, but what about regular weekdays? Are you living a sedentary lifestyle where you are just technology bound? Do you slouch in awkward positions, unaware of your bad posture? Is your mom scolding you due to your bad posture? Have you become a laughingstock at college because of your hunch? All these questions sound relatable, right? But are you doing something for your bad posture or still having your ‘doing nothing just complaining’ time?

It is time to give yourself a kickstart. Because poor posture can end in a hunch, swayback, potbelly, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration and body pain. Horrible, even in imagination. But wait... wait... don’t get scared or worried because SupremeFoam is here with the best ideas and accessories to help you out. We have the best lumbar supporter, knee roll, cervical pillows, back stretcher, and pillows for neck pain along with the ortho mattress range. You just have to make easy changes in your life by incorporating a few healthier ways. After all, you know yourself better and no one else can take care of you better than you. So, without further ado, let’s move towards discussing the problems associated with bad posture and its solutions.

Why did Aini’s mom get worried and what did she do?

Aini is a nice girl, but her mother is not happy with her these days. Do you know why? She developed back pain and bad posture to the extent that her mother took her to the doctor. Quite sad. She used to play PUBG all night long without a break, which resulted in severe back pain. Now she has no option but to shift from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one. What did her mother do to help her? She, first of all, decided to buy the best mattress for back pain. She searched online for the best mattress in Pakistan and ended up buying the best gel foam mattress from SupremeFoam. She bought Ortica Gelcool Memory Foam for Aini to provide her with a comfortable sleep (of course, mothers understand their children better). She also bought SupremeFoam’s hot-seller, Lumbar Supporter. Now, Aini sleeps on a comfortable mattress and sits with the help of a Supreme Lumbar Supporter, which acts as the best spine aligner for her. Her love for mobile games hasn’t ended, but finally, her back pain has gone. She plays the game for no more than two hours and takes a 20-minute walking break in between. If you have the same story, try to make these changes.

SupremeFoam to the Rescue

How many of you have heard this dialogue from your mom, ‘’sedhay ho kar betho, posture kharab hojaega’’? How many of you have been ridiculed due to your forward head or swayback posture by family or friends? How many of you have developed bad posture due to neck and back pain? There must be many people who will have such issues in their lives. Some people might be going through an emotionally disturbing phase. But hey, don’t get sad because that is why we are here. We are always concerned about our customer's needs and we keep on finding innovative ways to solve your problems naturally. If you are having neck pain, you can use pillows for neck pain or pillows for neck support. Our neck pillows serve both purposes beautifully, reducing neck pain and supporting your neck.

People who have a sway back or a hunch can use the Back Stretcher three to four times per day for 20 minutes. It can help you correct your posture naturally. Similarly, we have other top-quality healthcare accessories and health supporter series mattresses, engineered specifically to prevent orthopedic issues.

Simple Ways to Get Good Posture 

We know you have been trying hard, but you may be missing something, and that something is, for sure, SupremeFoam’s help. Let us tell you some easy-peasy ways to get rid of bad posture.

Maintain Proper Posture

The most important thing is to understand the proper posture for sitting, standing, or sleeping. Make sure to stand with your chin parallel to the floor and shoulders wide apart. While sitting, keep your back straight up and shoulders slightly backwards. Keep our Lumbar Supporter on the seat back for support and pain relief. Avoid sleeping on your stomach because this position forces the neck to twist, putting excessive stress on the neck, shoulders, and back. Sleeping on your back or side with your face towards the ceiling is the best position. Keep your spine aligned and avoid twisting positions. Use our Supreme Care Pillow or Good Neck Pillow Cervical underneath for proper support.

If you need to, change your old mattress and buy the best mattress in Pakistan. You can go for Spine Tonic from the health supporter series as it is the best mattress to support your body.

Back Stretching with Supreme Back Stretcher

Back stretching is a very good exercise if you have posture problems, especially if you have swayback problems. You can start a daily workout routine for your back with the help of our Supreme Back Stretcher and yoga mat. These products can motivate you to work hard to correct your posture. You can also incorporate Supreme Knee Roll in your exercises.

Use Dr. Good Back Supreme Memory Cool Plus

Wherever you sit, don’t forget to keep our Dr. Good Back Supreme Memory Cool Plus. You can use it on your office chair or while sitting on any chair at home. Students suffering from back pain can make the best use of it. If you are a frequent traveller, it is best to keep it in your car seat.

Use a Supreme Head Rest or Neck Relaxer

The primary reasons for using a Supreme Head Rest or Neck Relaxer are to support your neck and to allow you to sit in a reclined position. Moreover, it relieves strain on the neck and head so that you can rest your head comfortably.

Use a Cervical Pillow

Cervical pillows help to keep your neck and spine aligned while keeping you relaxed. Our Good Neck Cervical Pillow is the best option if you are hoping to improve your posture and sleep peacefully.

 Stay active all-day

Last but not the least, you have to stay active every day by taking a break from your seat or mobile phone. If studying, take short breaks in between. Indulge yourself in some workout routines or play any physical game.


Follow these simple ways and you will see the visible results.