Winters is all about weddings, gifts, and cozy weddings. Let your search for wedding gifts comes to an end with Diamond SupremeFoam. Shop a wedding gift for your loved ones from our latest wedding bundles.

A spring mattress can be a practical and useful gift for a wedding, especially if the couple is setting up a new home or replacing an old mattress. However, it's important to consider the couple's preferences and needs before giving a mattress as a gift. Some things to consider include:

The couple's sleeping habits and preferences: Do they prefer a firm or soft mattress? Do they need a special type of mattresses, such as one with extra support or one designed for people with allergies?

The size of the bed: Make sure you get a mattress that is the right size for the couple's bed.

The couple's decor and style: If the couple has a specific decor style or color scheme in their bedroom, you may want to choose a mattress that will fit in with their overall aesthetic.

Overall, a luxury mattress can be a thoughtful and useful gift for a wedding, as long as you take the couple's needs and preferences into consideration.

There are so many things that you can present as a gift to your friends during their marriage. The exclusive wedding bundles can be a must-have for a bride to take with her and also for you to give it a gift hamper.

Make sure you select such products that not only prove to be good gifting products but also be very useful for the couple. If you are looking for Jai Namaz online, you will come across many kinds of prayer mats. So many people focus on purchasing the furniture but only a few focus on wedding mattresses and other comfort accessories.

To make it easier for you to give a useful product to your loved ones at their wedding, we are offering special bundles. Diamond SupremeFoam has been bridging the gap between you and your better relationships with the newly wed couple. We have launched four unique bundles that can help you

Silver Bundle Package

Present our silver bundle package as a present to your loved ones on their big day. This bundle comes with one of the best mattresses by Diamond SupremeFoam, Namaz on the go, two Dolce Vita Microfiber Pillows, and a Neck Relaxer. These are the long-lasting gifts that are going to stay with the couple for the long run. These products make the couple remember your love and affection. The products used for the manufacturing of silver bundles are the hot-selling products of Diamond SupremeFoam. This bundle is nothing but the best choice for you to portray your love, respect, and appreciation for the couple. It is a perfect package for a bride to take to her new house.

Gold Bundle

Let’s make people appreciate your choice of the perfect gift with Diamond SupremeFoam. To make your gift more valuable, easy on the budget, and long-lasting, Diamond SupremeFoam has introduced its Gold Bundle. This exciting bundle includes comfortable products that last a lifetime and provide ultimate comfort and a better lifestyle. It includes our top-selling articles nationwide. This bundle includes one Mattress In A Box, One Mattress Topper, Two Dolce Vita Microfiber Pillows, Namaz On The Go, and a Supreme Pillow Pad. This easy-on-pocket gift bundle helps you leave a long-lasting impression on your loved ones.

After the wedding furniture set, The Gold Bundle by Diamond SupremeFoam is the best gift you can present to anyone. This easy-on-pocket bundle helps you in gifting more products for less money.

Platinum Bundle

This wedding season, leave a long-lasting impression on your relatives by surprising them with a Platinum Bundle wedding gift by Diamond SupremeFoam. This bundle includes the highest-selling products and assures more comfort. The products by Diamond SupremeFoam are crafted with love and compassion. This is why our consumers keep coming back to us over and over again. The products selected for this package provide ultimate comfort. The top quality products with eco-friendly and long-lasting nature automatically add value to their worth.

In Platinum Bundle by Diamond SupremeFoam, you are provided with Supreme Passione Mattress, two Beauty Sleep Memory Traditional Pillows, Namaz On The Go, and Dr. Good Back Supreme Memory Cool Plus. This package contains the most important part of our daily life, which effortlessly makes your gift stand out from the crowd. Get your hands on this amazing bundle by placing your orders online.

Platinum Plus Bundle

Do you want to give the couple more blessings through your incredible gifts? No problem! The Platinum Plus Bundle by Diamond SupremeFoam is all that you need. This huge bundle is designed to provide the newly wed couple with more comfortable and highly useful products. Present this couple to your friends at their wedding and showcase your love for them in a better way.

In the Platinum Plus Bundle by Diamond SupremeFoam, you are given La Grande Pillow Top Mattress, 2 Beauty Sleep E-gel Pillows, Namaz On The Go, a Mattress Topper, and SupremeFoam Lounger. This incredible package is an all-rounder and provides for all bedding and traveling needs of the couple.  The Lounger in this package is used while you are sitting on the bed, in the lounge, or on the floor which makes it a multi-purpose product. The best gel pillows make life comfier and pain-free.


Diamond SupremeFoam has been a name of trust for the people of Pakistan for more than 40 years now. This brand is not limited to providing comfort mattresses but also provides quality products for different aspects of your life too. We have launched our latest collection of wedding bundles, which help you in selecting the most appropriate gift for your relatives/friends on their big day. Currently, there are four packages ranging from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus.

The wedding bundles by Diamond SupremeFoam are not only for gifting purposes but also for the brides to include in their wedding shopping list. These bundles contain the best mattress in Pakistan highly useful products by Diamond SupremeFoam that make you leave an ever-lasting impression on the occasion. Wedding mattresses, pillows, mattress toppers, and many more products are part of these exciting bundles. Book your order now from our website.