In a country like Pakistan where winter’s interval has reduced to only 4 months, so many people plan weddings during this season. This means that you have to be super healthy and super active during this season. But most of the time, people start suffering from joint pain just when the temperature starts falling. We understand that winter weather, especially when it is at its peak, can cause joint aches, which ultimately lead you to constant distress. To help you make the most out of winter, Diamond SupremeFoam has bought an extensive range of mattress accessories that will not only improve your sleeping habits but also help you in eliminating muscle pain during the winter season.

When we talk about the tools that help us in experiencing peaceful and painless sleeping patterns, we are provided with the best quality ortho mattress. These mattresses are designed based on international standards and manufactured using the latest technology. The main function of an ortho mattress is to evenly spread your body weight on the mattress to prevent the build-up of pressure in the upper and lower abdomen. SupremeFoam also provides premium quality knee rolls for people who are suffering from sciatica pain, swollen feet, knee joint pain, excessive pressure on the spine, and people want to improve blood circulation in their legs while they rest. Moving forward to one of the most affected parts of the body due to bad sleeping position, the neck, we have a wide collection of pillows. Your quest about pillows for neck pain and pillows for neck support ends with premium pillows by Diamond SupremeFoam. If you work 9 hours a day and an uncomfortable sitting position is causing you excessive back pain, then it is high time to get a lumbar supporter. The Lumbar Supporter by Diamond SupremeFoam is one of the best sitting tools to help you in improving your posture and eliminate back pain from your daily routine.  

Health Support Mattresses by Diamond SupremeFoam

To ensure that you are spending winters without muscle pain and experiencing peaceful sleep, Diamond SupremeFoam has introduced the best mattress for back pain in multiple price ranges. You will find Supreme Sleep Energizer mattresses in three different sizes. This mattress is designed to keep your muscle pain at bay during winter. Moving forward the Activato mattress that is also available in three sizes including queen size, king size, and double size.  These mattresses are manufactured for speedy relief from muscle pain and for improving postures, blood circulation, and health. Not just this, you will also find a range of the best gel foam mattress with one click. We have an Ortica Gel Cool mattress and Ortica Gelcool Memory Mattress.

Ortica Gelcool mattress is available in three different sizes while Ortica Gelcool Memory Mattress is available in two sizes so that you can choose one that goes well with your mattress requirements. All of the mattresses under the Health Supporting Series by Diamond SupremeFoam come with a warranty and pain relief technology.

Lumbar Supporter

Most of the time, back pain is caused by constant inappropriate sitting positions for long hours. This kind of back and spinal pain is more often found in corporate employees, students, and travelers. What do you do to get rid of such back pain without eating high-potency painkillers and proper medical courses? The answer lies in two words: “Lumbar Supporter”. The lumbar supporter is one of the best tools to get rid of your back pain without using proper medication.

You can reduce or eliminate pain in your lower back by making proper use of Lumbar Supporter. Overall, they help in fixing your posture and enable you to live a healthy painless life. These spine aligners are very handy and you can carry these to your workplace or use them in your cars. Diamond SupremeFoam enables easy access to the Lumbar Supporter with the help of easy online purchases. You can place your orders online and get a premium Lumbar Supporter on your doorstep.

Pillows for complete rest

Are you tired of refilling your old pillows with new fillings just so you can get rid of neck pain? If so, then it is the right time to get your hands on a premium range of pillows by Diamond SupremeFoam. The extensive range of pillows for eradicating neck pain from your daily routine. Supreme Cervical Memory pillow by Diamond SupremeFoam not only lets you enjoy a peaceful sleep but also helps you improve your sleeping posture. The latest and innovative pillow design allows you to safely place your arm beneath your head while sleeping without putting any pressure on your arm. This pillow is the perfect fit for uninterrupted sleep while accommodating comfortable positioning for your neck, shoulder, and head. On the other hand, we have Supreme Care Pillows which are known for their soft texture and triangular shape. It is highly recommended for those individuals who are highly concerned about their back posture and muscle pain. These head rest pillows can also be utilized for complete back support while you are driving. 

Diamond SupremeFoam is home to all of your muscle pain solutions without getting into medical treatments. The orthopedic, long-lasting, and muscle pain reliever accessories by Diamond SupremeFoam are one of a kind and are used nationwide. From ortho mattresses to spine aligners and pillows, you can get anything you are looking for under one roof when you are shopping here.