The blazing summer sun calls for an adventurous summer trip to the North. Have you planned your summer trip yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Get ready to go on a fun-filled trip with your family or friends. Life is short and one should enjoy every single moment. The most important thing (which we usually forget) is first to make a travel checklist. Last moment pack-ups are quite a hassle. In order to facilitate our lovely customers, we have made an amazing list of all the essential items. From neck relaxer to lumbar supporter to head rest pillow to cushion, we have everything you need.

If you travel for long hours on a bus or in a car, your body gets tired. Comfort is the most important element of travelling. If you are not comfortable enough, you will end up in back pain or restlessness. If you have experience of travelling to places like Skardu or Gilgit-Baltistan, you know the feeling. Right? Even if you are travelling in the most luxurious car, your back needs a perfect spine aligner or lumbar supporter. After reaching your destination, comes the second part; the essentials you need outside your bus or car. It can include several things like folding mattresses, Jai namaz, pillows, phone pads and the list goes on…

Don’t worry! SupremeFoam knows all your travelling needs. We can be your best travel partner with our wide array of comfortable travelling essentials. Lay down on our foldable mattress or study your favourite novel by relaxing on our knee roll. Enjoy beautiful sceneries or close your eyes while sitting on our bean bag. We have got you covered.

Let us help you complete your travel checklist by shedding light on items that will serve both functional and comfort purposes. We bet you will love them. Let’s have a look at some mandatory items to carry:

Supreme Lumbar Supporter & Head Rest

If your partner is your amazing driver for a romantic trip, his comfort should be your utmost priority. Driving constantly or with breaks makes your back extremely tired resulting in back pain. He may not be showing it to you. But you must show him some love by buying him our headrest and a lumbar supporter for a stress-free journey. Both products are made with foam keeping in mind the highest comfort level. They support your neck and back so that you can enjoy a comfortable drive with your loved ones. It is perfect for both drivers and passengers.

Dr.Good Back Memory

Are you cancelling your trip due to the fear of your back pain? Don’t ruin your mood because we have the best solution to make your trip wonderful. Use our Dr.Good Memory back protector. It is scientifically designed with pressure-absorbing qualities to reduce back pain. Enjoy your travel time in car, plane or bus!

Neck Relaxer

If you love to travel to explore beautiful places, a neck relaxer is a must. It supports your head, shoulders and neck by saving them from getting stiff. Our premium quality neck relaxer is made of durable memory foam for long-lasting comfort. Now you can sleep anytime during travelling without hurting your neck. This plush relaxer will become your favourite travel buddy in no time.

Spine Aligner

Just like Lumbar support, our premium quality spine aligner is there to comfortably support your back. You must have felt that your mid-back region gets affected when you stay in one position while travelling. No doubt, long routes make you tired but the happiness of reaching your destination is bigger than tiredness. To become part of your happiness SupremeFoam is always there. Use any of our travel health care accessories to make memorable moments.

Namaz on the go

Whether at home or during travel, one thing we can’t miss is offering prayers. While exploring adventurous places, you don’t see proper rest areas to offer prayers. Our Namaz on the go ensures that you don’t miss your daily prayers. You don’t have to worry about making space as it comes in an easy-to-carry bag. You can easily carry it while travelling or going anywhere. Open your bag, take out your jai namaz, offer your prayers and roll it up. You are good to go!

Folding Mattress

Have you ever experienced a low sleeping space while staying in a room with friends for a night? All of us can relate to this. Whenever friends go on a cost-sharing travel adventure, they have to compromise their sleep sometimes. With our folding mattress, you can enjoy your travel nap. It is lightweight, smart and easy to carry. You can even enjoy a starry night under the sky on this mattress with your friends.

Orthopedic Travel Accessories 

SupremeFoam never compromises on your health. All those people with health issues can also enjoy their summer trips with our health care accessories. Our spine aligner, back stretcher, neck pro, Supreme yoga mat, coccyx pro cushion and many other accessories are available. The ultimate purpose of any summer trip is to enjoy it with your loved ones. If you are well-equipped with all the essentials to provide comfort to your body, go for it. Our travel accessories are made of high-quality foam with maximum durability. Be it, kids,youngsters or the elders, we cater to everyone’s needs. 

Leave your stress behind and get ready to embark on a peaceful excursion with your favourite people. Complete your basic travel checklist by adding the required items to your cart. Have a happy shopping experience!