Students are well known for pulling off all-nighters during exam season. While staying up all night might score you passable marks but you can’t imagine how destructive such a habit is. People have claimed that if students want to get those straight A’s and at the same time, flourish in extra-curricular activities then sleep should be their top priority.

Do Students Need to Sleep More?

Students attending high school should ideally sleep between 8 to 10 hours. Students aged between 6 to 13 years are encouraged to sleep even up to 12 hours in one go. The reason why students need more hours of sleep is because a major part of school / college is memory recall. It is while we are sleeping, that are memory consolidation improves.

Do Students Need to Sleep More?

Students are always juggling between exams, homework, sports, arts and what not. For them to perform well in all courses, it is mandatory for them to be properly rested and energetic. Sleeping for the hours recommended not only leaves one active, but also increases one’s attention to detail. Sometimes, a night of good sleep can be the difference between someone who scores first position as opposed to someone who was second.

Do Students Need to Sleep More?

Sleeping for proper hours can make our immunity strong as certain infection fighting proteins are released in the body while we are catching up on our slumber. This is extremely important during exam season or during the final of a basketball championship when you can’t afford becoming sick.

Teenagers can ensure sleeping for 8 to 10 hours each night by creating a routine and then sticking to it. It takes 21 days for anyone to build a habit and if students can force themselves to sleep at a certain hour and then wake up after the recommended hours then nothing will be able to stop them academically.

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